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Does this sound okay?

We are sold on the name Luke for a first name, and would like to use Garrett which is a family name as the second name. Does this flow okay? I come from a medical background, and am wondering if the general public would pick up on the fact Luke Garrett sounds similar to a disease, or if I just hear it because of my background. Any other suggestions for similar middle names?

Re: Does this sound okay?

  • You could avoid it by calling him Luke but naming him Lucas, but I didn't notice it til you said it. Now it's stuck in my head.
  • I like it. But yes, when you put it that way... Lou Garrits disease... 
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  • I'm a nurse, so I immediately thought of Lou Gehrig. Only you can decide if that bothers you or not.
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  • I immediately thought of it. I think not only health care but sports people especially baseball would make the connection

  • As a nurse I definitely thought of Lou gehrig. I like PP's suggestion of Lucas Garrett, I also like Garrett as a first name.

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  • I didn't think Lou Gehrig til you said it, but now it sticks in my head.  
  • Once you mentioned it, I can’t unhear it.

    Lucas Garrett would solve that.
  • Congrats on finding a name you both like! Luke is nice. I agree with everyone that it's quite likely lay people would pick up on the names sounding similarly. The additional syllable of Lucas or Luka would help the flow. Then again, how often would you call your little one by his full name? Even in a school or work setting, his middle name would not come up too often in normal situations, if at all. 
  • I don't think middle names come up that often, but if it already bothers you, I wouldn't use it. 

    I have a Luke. His middle name is Andrew. 
  • I thought Luke Garrett sounded familiar, but couldn't place why until you said it sounded like a disease, and now that's all I can think of. I love Luke, but would keep searching for another MN.
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  • Unless you are planning to call him by both names, I don't think it's a big deal. 
  • I would use Lucas to fix the problem. I'm not in the medical community at all, but it definitely sounds like the disease. Lucas Garrett just flows better.
  • I didn't notice until you said something and now I can't unhear it. Agree that using Lucas with the nn Luke would solve the problem.

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  • I do think it's too close to Lou Gehrig's disease. Sorry. 
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