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Boy mamas! Feeding question

How much are your boys eating a day? Mine is 16.5 months and I feel like he either is going through a growth spurt or just growing hungrier as he gets older but he's constantly hungry and at the fridge whining! This morning he's already had milk, waffles, dry cereal, and a cereal bar and was whining for more. My husband says just get used to it because boys are always hungry but I don't want to over feed him! Jw if his appetite is normal at this age. 
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Re: Boy mamas! Feeding question

  • My 17-month-old's appetite varies day to day, but he can definitely be a pig and eat everything on his plate and want more, but then the next day he'll only eat a portion of all his meals. A usual day is:

    Breakfast: Pancake, pureed fruit and oatmeal, 1/2 banana, cheese, and milk. 

    Snack: Yogurt, munchies, and milk. 

    Lunch: Pasta or 2 fish sticks or half a PB&J, vegetable, cottage cheese or cheese, 1/2 banana, 2 crackers, milk

    Snack: Graham crackers with Laughing Cow cheese, milk

    Dinner: Whatever we're eating, with applesauce and oatmeal for dessert, milk

    Hope that helps! He's in the high 80s percentile for height and weight. 
  • My son is all over the map.  But some days I wonder how he could possibly fit all the food that he is eating into his body.  
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    DS is on the skinny side (never been over 30% for weight and in the 60s-80s for height).  He doesn't eat a whole lot IMO. He definitely has days where he eats more than others for sure and when he does I always assume a growth spurt? He's never eaten as much as what you ladies are experiencing. You guys have some good eaters!  But he did eat 2 whole avocados with dinner a couple of nights ago. He is obsessed with avocados and guacamole. He will eat them at every meal or snack if I let him. So weird. 
  • Some days my son eats absolutely everything is sight and others he will literally live on breastmilk and like three cheerios. There is no consistency here haha. Still growing fine and in 50-80th percentiles. 
  • Little dude is a big eater. He eats as much as his 5 year old brother, who is also a big eater. 3/4 boys are big eaters and both my girls are pretty big eaters. Now that I'm getting teenagers, they eat even more than they used to. My food budget is blown.
  • You can't over feed him if you are offering healthy choices...After I've given breakfast only offer fruit and vegetables until the next meal.  That way you figure out if they are truly hungry! You could try offering more protein dense goods at breakfast which may keep him fuller for longer - eg yoghurt, eggs (you can make a good two egg, 1 banana pancakes), vege quiche with ham, protein smoothie, cottage cheese with berries on toast...
  • My little guy eats a lot. Like this morning he had two pieces of toast with homemade jam, oatmeal, yogurt and some fruit. 

    A smoothie as a mid morning snack

    Lunch he he ate a bunch of pasta with peas and cheese.

    granola bar for another snack 

    Dinner he ate 9 chicken fingers...9! And mashed potatoes with veggies. 

    His appetite also varies sometimes, when he's teething he doesn't eat a lot, but usually he's a pretty good eater. 

    My DH said the exact same thing yours did. Boys eat a lot.
  • My DS never stops eating! He eats from the time he wakes til he goes to sleep. He is usually all over the place playing so I just chalk it up to him burning all his calories 
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