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Too similar to Dad's name???

Our main contender for if baby #2 is a boy is Gio. It's the only name we both like and think it goes well with DD1 Cecilia. However, DH's name is Dino. Are Gio and Dino too close?! I know they have a similar ending but they sound different to us. We've considered giving a full name for Gio, but can't find any we like. Would people side eye a Dino and Gio father/son? Should we just keep looking? 

Re: Too similar to Dad's name???

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    Sounds like a perfectly normal thing to be being that sounds like 90% of my family's houses. I think it's fine and most houses that have heritage tied names will have similar situations. Your names match in that they are Italian but it's not a negative thing.

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  • Is Gio the full name or is it a nn for something longer like Giovanni? Just curious.

    I don't think it's too close to dads name
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  • Gio would be the full name! We really disliked Giovanni, but loved Gio. Go figure. 
  • It would bother me, but it's normal in lots of families. I know an Allison whose daughter is Allie, a Jay whose son is Jason, people whose kids names are smooth names of the parents names.
  • I think it's fine. Many kids have their parents exact name, and somehow they make it work.... 
  • I knew a Giorgio once... but no they don't seem too similar 
  • I suggested giving him the full name of Giorgio, but DH vetoed it. I think Giorgi is a really cute nm for Giorgio too! 
  • Gino and Dino would be way too much, but I think that Gio and Dino is okay. Bummer your DH didn't want to go with Giorgio!
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  • I think they are fine together. As a pp said, lots of people do jrs, and they get along fine. 
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