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  • @alm52386. I didn't feel like it was supportive enough for my back/shoulders for a bigger baby.  It totally works around the house or the grocery store but I couldn't do a zoo trip or something in it . I would say it's really good for the first 3-4 months. 
  • My Solly and my Tula...just to be an AW. I love the Solly for the newborn stage and it was so breathable and the Tula for when she weighed a bit more.
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  • We mostly use our Tula, we have a standard and a toddler size. I had a sling for when DD was little too. I'm thinking about a Moby or Solly for this LO. I love the Moby/Petunia Pickle Bottom collaboration pattern.

    @lovesclimbing we've used a soft sided carrier (ssc) like a Tula or Ergo for camping or day hikes. We also have a structured Kelty carrier that we've used and like too.
  • I used a moby in the beginning and love how snug ds was in there. It calmed his colicky self. Once he got a little heavier, I used the Ergo and I loved it. I'll use the same ones this time around. 
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  • I'm planning on getting an ergo. I have a moby from DD as well. 



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  • For DS I used a Boba wrap mostly in the newb stage, then an Ergo when he was a little older/bigger. But then I got a Sakura Bloom ring sling and it was a game changer. I love that thing and plan on using it the majority of the time from newb til he/she grows out of being carried. (Unless this baby isn't a fan of baby wearing, but hopefully that isn't the case!)
  • I used a K-tan last time. I make slow growing babies, my 2 (almost 3) year old is only 23 lbs. So I was able to use that for a long time. I don't remember exactly when I stopped. My now youngest HATES being held. She is a independent type so she wanted to be sitting the stroller vs being worn. Which is fine with me. I will probably just use the K-tan again and see what personality this little one has.

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  • Somewhat related... is anyone still baby wearing right now? About 3 weeks ago I hit the limit with DS in the tula in the front. He was basically sitting on baby. Getting him on the back is hard by myself but he likes being held. Is there any issue with the strap going under the bump? DS is 25 lbs. 
    Is it better to "wean" off baby wearing so hes not jealous of baby? Ds wil be 2 in April. I am not sure tandem baby wearing is something I want to try. Anyone do this with a new baby and a 2 year old?

  • I agree with @Allybiery that this is such a personal preference. For FTMs, until you have your baby you are not going to really know what it is your thing. I LOVED the Moby but as you can see, a lot of women find it too fussy. I have no interest in the Ergo or the Lillebaby because I really hate the backpack on the front look. I always wanted a Sakura Bloom but #1, I never felt like I quite got the ring sling perfectly safe and comfy and #2 I couldn't bring myself to pay for it (sooooo pricey!).

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  • @mombod I thought about this too as I still wear DD. She will be 3.5 when this LO arrives, so it might be a bit easier to explain it to her than to a 2 yo, although toddlers can be fickle! I bought her a tula doll carrier for her doll and I talk about how she can carry her baby doll while mom or dad carry the baby. I don't think I will wear her from here on out, which is a sad thought!

    I don't know if I will try to tandem wear either. Especially since it will be SO warm in the first few months that wearing one could be warm enough.
  • I never really wore #1 much, which was silly of me because he was super colicky. By the time I discovered my LOVE for the K'tan, he was outgrowing being worn in a wrap-like carrier (~3-4months)...but I will definitely use this right away with #2! I liked this for the beginning stages because it's easy to figure out and helpful around the house to get things done.

    Have a Bjorn One which we used a bunch of times for short outings...but, with only one kid, didn't have a huge need for a baby carrier (we used a stroller more). Have a feeling that we'll get more use out of a SSC this time around...if the Bjorn doesn't work, have been looking into the Boba or Lillebaby based on these suggestions.
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  • I have a Beco Butterfly from when DS was a baby, and I loved it.  I used it up until he was about 2.5.  I also had a moby wrap for the infant stage which I also loved, but I can't find what I did with it, and I'm worried it will be too hot in July.  I'm contemplating a ring sling, but I have no idea how to use them.
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  • I hike in my Tula. I also used it to fly cross country when DD was 11 mos old. I was literally in LAX for 10 min. If I'd taken a stroller with me, I would have missed my last flight. I bought a cheaper carrier to start off with, but once DD got up to about 15lbs, that carrier started to pinch nerves, and gave me horrible back and neck pain.  A friend of mine had both an Ergo and a Tula, and told me that her Tula was more comfortable for both her and her husband, even though they used for their larger child.  I went off her recommendation, and bought mine off a local baby wearing group. I loved it so much, I already bought another for the new baby. The padding in the shoulder straps is much more squishy and comfortable than any other carrier I have handled.

    This time, I'm interested in wrapping, so I bought a Moby off Babywearing on a Budget. If I like it, I may invest in a woven later on, but I think when I will wearing for longer than an hour, the Tula will be my go-to.

    I would recommend trying to find a local babywearing group. They usually have a lending library, and will let you try on different carriers, or borrow them. They are also a great resource for making sure you are using your wrap/carrier properly, purchasing second hand, or even just getting a heads up when certain websites run good deals.

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