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Dizzy dizzy dizzy

please tell me I'm not alone. My first pregnancy was a breeze. I never understood when people complained (the final 4 weeks were hard on my body but other than that it was easy peasy). This one not so much, first tri I was exhausted, like needed 20+ hours of sleep a day and spotted every few days (heartattack every time!). Now second tri the "easy trimester" I'm constantly dizzy. No matter what I do I'm dizzy. I drink plenty of water, eat small meals, drink juice if I think my sugar could be low. Nothing works.
Anyone else experience this? It ends, right? I'm starting a new job this week and I pray this dizziness ends. 
I'm 16w3d today

Re: Dizzy dizzy dizzy

  • I've had a few dizzy spells, definitely worse toward the end of first tri.  My doctor said it's not a huge concern, just that your blood pressure can drop because your blood vessels get bigger and your body doesn't get used to it right away.

    She told me to lay down on my side if possible, or put my head between my knees.  Basically get your head on the same level as your heart.  It usually helps after a couple of minutes.
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  • Have you mentioned it to your OB or midwife? I get vertigo every now and then, and had it the other night. It's scary, but manageable if you know what is causing it. It sounds like @SarahBethBR has some good advice; I'd try that out. But definitely mention it at your next appointment, or make a special appointment for it.
  • Yeah I was dealing with too. My doctor mentioned that I probably wasn't getting enough protein. It's possible you are anemic?
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  • I also had a breeze with my first pregnancy.  My second I had terrible swelling.  Now my third for the first semester been so tired and now at almost 17 weeks started to get dizzy.  I have been eating lost of fruits bc that is the only thing I can keep down and chicken.  I haven't really been able to eat red meat but wonder if I am not a little anemia causing it.  It always hits me at the worst time too. I was hoping this pregnancy would be a breeze like the first :(
  • I had this issue with my first pregnancy and I turned out to be iron-deficient anemic. I told my OB about the dizzy spells (I even fainted once.. so scary!). My blood pressure was pretty normal, but she was able to tell from a blood test. She put me on an additional iron supplement and had me eat more iron-rich foods. I was still tired but within a few days the dizzy spells stopped! This time around my dr was able to diagnose it almost right away. Always just talk to your dr! They're a professional for a reason :)
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