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Anyone else find it hard to breathe at 33wks with twins?

I've noticed that it is getting harder for me to breathe now that I am in my third trimester. I become out of breath simply by laying down or doing simple tasks. Sometime my heart races like I have been running a marathon before bed. Is this normal? It goes as quickly as it comes. I am drinking a lot of fluids and changing positions when I start to feel out of breath. It is just scary at times. I see my doctor this Friday, I just wanted to see if anyone else had this problem? 


  • I'm 28 weeks with only one baby and find it hard to breathe at times  :D so i imagine with twins its even worse. everything I've read says it's perfectly normal and to be expected since the babies are bigger they are just pushing up and crowding your lungs. 
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  • Oh yes.  I remember getting winded just walking up the stairs. Take it easy.  Your body is growing double the rate of singleton pregnancy 

    call your nurse if you have that women's intuition that something is wrong.  Stress made me going into labor a couple times so try to relax please
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  • I had my babies at 36 weeks and at 33 I was so big in the tummy
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