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So Sick!

This is my second pregnancy, and I know each one is different... but I had literally no morning sickness with my first, no weird cravings, it was a total breeze.  I'm making up for it this time, and can't go even a few hours without feeling sick.  Haven't told my boss yet, but finding it harder and harder to pretend nothing's wrong.  And on top of that... the only place to get sick here is a public toilet.  NO. THANK. YOU.   :s

Re: So Sick!

  • I went through it too in week 6. Went to my Dr and he suggested I take vitamin B6 25mg 3x a day and unisom for the nausea. I'm only suppose to take half of a unisom pill but can take it up to 4x a day. I only take it 1x at night because it makes me sleepy. This helped so much. I'm able to go a few days without vomitting. And I told my boss right away. I was too anxious to try to hide it when I wasn't feeling good and it made her more understanding. I hope you feel better soon. 
  • I second the vitamin b6 + unisom. The active ingredients are all that matters, so I actually take a store brand of Unisom that uses the same ingredient. It has made a huge difference in my ability to tackle pregnancy sickness. I take the unisom+b6 at night before going to sleep, and the whole following day I'm able to function pretty normally. 
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