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PUPPS at 12 weeks?

I have broken out in a spotty rash on various parts of my body. But I have very sensitive skin, and I used a new product on Saturday night (I did a wax with a brand I've never tried before, but there weren't any fragrances or unusual ingredients). I have some bumps/itchiness on my belly (no stretch marks yet) but mostly the rash is on my forearms and neck. I also had a stressful night last night, so it could be stress hives. 

I just wanted to know if anyone else has had PUPPs this early in pregnancy. Most sites say it happens much later, and it starts on the stretching skin of the belly. 

Re: PUPPS at 12 weeks?

  • I've been having really bad skin issues, I have eczema normally but it has spread pretty much everywhere you've described. I know that is what mine is though from having it so long, but it is very annoying especially at bed time.
  • Doesn't sound like PUPPS. Dry and sensitive skin or contact dermatitis.  Maybe just stick to vitamin e oil or Palmers oil.
  • No experience with PUPPs, but I know that my skin is much more sensitive during pregnancy than it is normally.  Could just be a reaction to the different product.
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  • @kmwills that's what I'm thinking now, too. I already have very sensitive skin, so this must just be hyperactive. An oatmeal bath helped a lot yesterday :)
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