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The "congrats" makes me cry

Not sure if anyone else feels this way, but I'm dreading telling people we are expecting because I literally tear up and start to cry every time I see the excitement on other people's faces and they say "Congrats!" I don't know why... might be because I feel that's an inappropriate way for some to respond to news that is not always good. My husband and I have been together for 10 years and decided to "not stop" pregnancy, but I didn't think it would happen right away. I can definitely say he's very excited and I'm 30 and not sure I'm ready for this (I think I'm still too young). 

Has as anyone else experienced this? How did you respond or handle it? How did you tell people so that their automatic response isn't so inappropriate? 

Re: The "congrats" makes me cry

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  • I can sympathize.  We are unexpectedly pregnant with #3.  Due to medical complications, this pregnancy is pretty much against all odds.  When I called my OB's office to make an appt, they congratulated me. Yeah, well, I'm freaking out here for a number of reasons.  So I just said, "uh, thanks." 

    I just wouldn't tell people. You're not obligated to tell anyone about your pregnancy at this point, other than your doctors. Social media puts way too much pressure and expectations for how to handle everything these days.    Handle things at your own pace. 

    I also think it's normal to feel the way you do with your first pregnancy.  Not every woman yearns for onesies and booties since their wedding day.  And you shouldn't feel guilty because some women struggle with infertility - you have every right to feel the way you do.  This can be scary.  It's a big change to your existing relationship with DH & to your current lifestyle.  Try to figure out why you feel too young - are there career goals you haven't met yet?  Travel you'd like to do?  What do you feel is missing?  Because like PP said, you're definitely not too young from a biological standpoint.  Maybe you can talk to DH about things you'd still like to accomplish and work together to achieve them.  Your life isn't ending - you're just starting a new chapter!  ::Hugs::
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  • I agree with PPs... Congratulating someone on their pregnancy announcement is not inappropriate. If you are set on having this baby, and are not happy about it or looking forward to it... Then you should tell people that, so maybe they won't congratulate you. But, you probably won't like some of the responses that you do get. That is a very awkward and uncommon conversation to have.
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