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Grammy's/The Walking Dead

Who else is watching the Grammy's and/or The Walking Dead?
I'm watching both (Grammy's until TWD is half way done then I'll watch it with my husband).

1. The Weekend.  I'm dead
2. Ed Sheeran- I want to dance like Shakira to his new song!

Re: Grammy's/The Walking Dead

  • Ok I'm not going to check this until it's done (I'm central time zone).  I'll be back to discuss TWD!!!  Gaahhh!!!!
  • So glad the walking dead is back on! And that Rick finally quit being such a wuss.
  • Who loved the walker clothes line scene!?!?
  • I'll eventually watch both. Right now I'm just really excited Last Week Tonight With John Oliver is back from hiatus!
  • I'm going to be watching TWD tonight! I passed out last night lol. 

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  • I will say that I was a bit disappointed in the episode.  I wanted something along the lines of the first episode of the season excitement wise and definitely didn't get that.  I'm excited about this new group of people though and what they might bring to the table!
  • Totally disappointed with the Grammys. Looked forward to it all week and then around 10:15 asked my husband if he wanted to watch our show on Netflix instead because the only thing I really cared to see that was left was the Prince tribute and since I was not enjoying it so far, would rather watch something else instead!

    Beyonce's performance was weird as hell (is she giving birth to the second coming? Give me a break.), Lady Gaga was ridiculous and annoying during the Metallica performance, the Kelsea Ballerini/Lucas Graham mash up didn't make any sense (even though they both sounded good on their own), the song Bruno chose for his performance could have been so much better (he was good but I would have preferred so many other songs), Adele opening with Hello made me scratch my head because it seemed like that was so last year and I would have preferred one of her newer hits (or even one that was not on the radio), I feel like the people they chose for the BeeGees tribute could have been better (although those girls are very talented, something just didn't quite work for me), Adele's George Michael tribute was boring, there were not enough fun and interesting duos...I cannot believe how many complaints I have! This is the ONLY award show I ever watch and I usually really enjoy it!

    The only things I really liked: The Weeknd was good, Ed Sheeran was great, Alicia Keys can do no wrong, I actually really liked Katy Perry's performance, and 21 Pilots acceptance in their underwear was great. 

    Did anyone else watch??

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  • I didn't make it through the entire Grammy's, I stopped at Adele's George Michael tribute. I love Bruno, always and forever, he has so much charisma! Beyoncé...I'm not even sure what I watched. Kelsea/Lukas...blah. I dig Katy Perry and loved her performance. I just liked the Weekend and Ed's performances. I'm so glad the Weekend cut his hair.

    I can't even remember the rest, so obviously not that memorable.

  • Watched TWD! So glad that there's some hope going on. Last half season was sooooo depressing and unbearable to watch!
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