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I thought it would be nice to have an ongoing thread where we can post books we have read about adoption/foster care and whether or not we suggest them. I know I would like some suggestions!
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Re: Book List

  • I've read two so far.

    Adoption Nation by Adam Pertman. I really liked this one. It is mostly about the history of adoption in the US and how our laws about adoption formed. It's a bit sobering because our laws really need to be fixed, but it was interesting and helped me decide what type of adoption I wanted to pursue.

    The Boy Who Was Raised as A Dog by Bruce Duncan Perry. This one isn't specifically about adoption or foster care, but for anyone who is planning on doing foster care (or adoption of an older child), it is a really good read. It helps show what can happen when babies and toddlers are neglected and talks about what can be done to help them.
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    Walk a Mile in My Shoes by Judith Lee. This is pretty good with advice for foster parents. It helps put into perspective what birth parents are going through and it gives advice on how to act around them.

    ETA: @Alyeena  I asked around about book recs on interracial adoption, but wasn't able to get any, unfortunately.
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  • Those sound like really good suggestions, @britters314

    I just finished reading Both Ends Burning by Craig Juntunen.  I don't know that we'd go the international adoption route but still a very good read.
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