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Child Proofing Top of Stairs with irregular opening

So I have been stumped ever since we even started putting covers on our outlets... then we moved to a gate at the bottom of the stairs because our LO started crawling.. now we have been walking for what seems like forever and we still have not put anything at the top of the stairs. I would LOVE to have something instead of constantly having to keep bedroom doors closed and if we move around upstairs while getting ready for work - carrying him from room to room through the hallway.  Also, as he is getting older I worry about the opening when he is in a toddler bed and is able to open doors :( I dont want to risk it.  Our issue is that the top of the stairs is irregular and I cannot figure out how to child proof it with any type of gate. I am hoping some of you have had experience with this type of opening? or any suggestion for ideas? I attached a picture of the opening...HELP :) 

Re: Child Proofing Top of Stairs with irregular opening

  • Yeah that's a weird ass space. My only solutions would leave a gap for the top stair cut out so I'm sure your LO could crawl under it or something really easily. You maybe can use a modified fireplace babygate like this one?

  • I thought about that.... have you used them before? My worry is that its the top of the sturdy is it when its bowed out like that? Do they move? Part of me just wants to get the stairs filled in or fixed ha but not sure how long we will be in this house.
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  • Oooohh! That's a great idea! Can you just put a temporary block same size as that step in that spot? So you're just short a step but now a normal gate works? 
  • ah I didn't think about a temporary block with a regular gate... that is a great idea! I will probably need to just be sure he stays away from it since I do have a little crazy man on my hands :) I could see him figuring out it moves, move it out of the way and slip on under ha but it is a great start! THANK YOU!
  • Welcome!! These at the gates I love and use at home once you get that hole filled ... both styles would probably work since they can be mounted on the wall that's facing you and not just in the actual stairway part if that makes sense  
  • @dmbfan46835

    My mom also has the fabric sliding gate at her house for the top of the stairs and loves it! They just had to make sure they were secured into a wall stud (they had trouble trying it just using the anchors and had to install on the stud instead). 
  • Ah love the second one with the banister... wish I saw this.. we bought a fabric one for the bottom of our stairs but its like an irregular width (go figure... learning my house is so not normal I guess) and it was too big..wasn't retractable like the one you had!
  • We have the exact same problem with our basement steps. Actually, the space is even more awkward than what you have. it's hard to explain what it looks like.

    ^^ that one worked for us because it's a flexi gate and you can manipulate it to fit your space. We had to mount part of it on our actual wall. I wish i had a pic to show you.
  • @abombard12 your house is unique for sure. But I bet it has some seriously awesome woodwork and character so it's totally worth it! 

    The retractable ones are amaing. I have 3 sets and each set comes with 2 sets of mounting brackets so you can remove it and move it to another part of the house and just click it right in. Works great when I want him out of the kitchen or away from/contained in another room on the first floor. Def recommend them, but you need to use two hands for sure. I'm wondering how I will be able to operate them once our newest addition is here. 
  • @kkerner87 For the flexi gate... the hinges between the two panels that is not near/attached to the wall and seems to be on the floor...can they be moved? (i.e. my lovely little/big man is a linebacker and 30lbs ha) I am worried he will be able to lean on it and fall down the stairs. Or is it sturdier than I am imagining?
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    @ABombard12 it is pretty sturdy. We have had to re drill it into the wall once cause DD is nuts and shakes it like she is a monkey in a cage lol. But i feel totally fine with her near this area. It is a pretty nice gate.
  • @kkerner87 how did you get that left side (wall by the white paneling on the wall) to be so small? is that an extender of the gate attached to the wall?
  • @ABombard12 it's a flexi gate and they connect at the joints to bend and fold. They can be removed if you need to make them shorter and can be added to another side to make them longer. DH installed it, so not 100% sure how he did it all. If that didn't work we were going to knock the wall down and put a railing up, which is ideally what we will do in the future. But this worked great!
  • @KKerner87 Thank you! I feel like I am a mess trying to figure out how these damn gates can work haha definitely not my strong suit! I think I will get this gate and let DH go for it ha THANK YOU!
  • @ABombard12 I know what you mean! I never knew baby proofing could be so challenging. I left it to DH to figure it all out! Lol. We were So stumped with the staircase and then his mom found this gate on zulilly. It took some figuring out to get it right (we still have a gap between the step and the gate that makes me nervous, but, luckily DD doesnt bother with it). Good luck! I hope it works for you!!
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