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How to... reprimand/discipline/teach...

Hello! FTM here. So little baby is slowly becoming a toddler and his emotions are becoming more complex as is his monkeying around. I am sometimes not sure what to do or what the best way to respond is when he gets frustrated or angry or tries to act out. I thought how to discipline and instruct would just come naturally to me, but honestly I just find myself questioning what the best approach is! So I'd like to read something about this - from a psychological development perspective. Does anyone have a good resource/book/blog etc they would recommend? Thanks in advance!

Re: How to... reprimand/discipline/teach...

  • I dont have any book suggestions. We use redirection mostly, like if he is doing something they shouldnt/ or you dont want them to, either teach them what you do want from them or ehat they can do. Like when she is roigh, I gently take her hand and run her fingers through my face and say gentle
  • I'm facing similar issues with my DS. I just try to calmly say something like "gentle touches" or "no, biting hurts" and then distract him with something else (mostly since reprimanding alone doesn't seem to do much at this stage).  Someone recommended the book "How to Talk So Little Kids Will Listen" and I really like their approach and the book is easy and fun to read.  It's aimed at ages 2-7, so it's still too early to work well with him now but I think it will be good for me to practice responding to "bad" behavior in a constructive way now so it's more natural later.  I'd check it out here where you can read the first pages to see if it might help you too.
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