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Potty training

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any mommas out there starting potty training yet? Baby girl is 16 mths old. I'm not sure if that's to early to start or not? How do you know if your little one is ready? Any potty training tips? I bought her a potty and just put it in the bathroom fo now. 

Re: Potty training

  • I should add that I did show her the potty and told her what it was used for. Then I asked her if she wanted to sit on the potty and she said no and acted like she was scared of the potty. 
  • eh i think it is still a little early. I think once she shows signs of being ready i will try (like hiding when she has to go #2), but for now I don't want to stress me and her out when i know she is not ready. DD is 17 months if that helps.
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    We haven't started yet (DS is 17 months). Our pediatrician recommended not starting until age 2 (plus boys usually get the hang of it later than girls). For now, we let him watch us when we use the toilet, and dump out his poopy diapers in the toilet, say "bye bye poop" all fun, then flush the toilet, so at least he's not scared of it! We also read him lots of books on the potty. 

    I already have a floor potty seat that I brought out a few months ago for him just to sit on when he wants, but now I'm rethinking that and wondering if buying a seat for the real toilet would be better?
  • We haven't "started" yet...however I will say my sister gave us the white summers brand potty that makes a flushing noise it is also the shape of a normal toilet? Only because she had it and gave it to us.  My son knows that mommy goes pee pee on the potty because lets face it I never go alone anymore so I say ok "mommy has to go pee pee on the potty lets go" we go in I sit and he flushes his toilet ha we have not gotten to the point where he sits on it and goes pssshhhhhh and looks down at himself then stands up and flushes hahaha so we are actively trying but he things its funny now haha so hey.. I have been having him sit on it when I go and before tub time - keeping it fun with diaper on for now. Figure its too early really because he can't sit there for more than a couple seconds.
  • @abombard12 and @jen83mn we are similar! He loves to sit on my lap when I use the potty. We have a song, "peepee on the potteeeeee" or "poopoo on the pottteeeee" and we sing that and clap. And then when he goes in his diaper we sing the same song but say in the diaper instead of potty. He just loves it! And I let him grab some TP and put it in the potty and he waves and says bye peepee and we flush. So like he really likes the potty and thinks it's awesome. But the whole knowing when he has to go thing seems like forever away. Or caring that he has gone. Boys just don't seem to care at all that they are wet. He likes to sit on it before and after bath too. So I just take off his diaper and hold him on the toilet and sing the potty song both before and after bathtime and now it's like a ritual. Dad bathed him a few nights ago and couldn't figure out why Judah was so pissed off. Well no peepee on the potty dad. Get it together! Lol

    we won't be using a standalone for him. He will just use the same potty we do. I feel like it wil make things easier long term. 
  • DD understands already but hasn't gone yet. If I ask her if she has to go to the bathroom she runs in there and looks at the toilet.  She's been waking up dry lately so we tried.  She won't go but she likes to take the tp and wipe herself, flush, etc. DD1 was 18 months when she started and 20 months when she was fully trained so I'm hoping for a similar situation. 
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  • @tlc11934

    Any tips for potty training since you had success with your first at 18 months? Did you use the actual toilet or the floor seat?

    My DS makes it very obvious when he's going #2, so it'd be pretty easy to catch him for that anyways and bring him to the toilet, and he seems to be interested in watching us use the toilet, etc. Just not sure if I should start at 18 months or 2 years!
  • The main thing that worked for us was consistency.  We took diapers away at home and she had a few accidents.  We got a seat that had a magnetic insert and she used the regular toilet.  She asked for help until she was about 26 months but always made it on time to the bathroom.  She loves getting m&ms as rewards.
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  • I will say DD now all of a sudden hayes being in a dirt diaper and has become so good at telling us when she poops/about to poop. She says "poop! Poop! Poop!" Lol
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