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When to announce mutliples

Hello, I don't necessarily belong on this board so I apologize for intruding. I'm currently doing fertility treatments which increases the chances for multiples. Last cycle I had two mature follicles and this month I'm getting the trigger shot so there's a possibility of multiple eggs there. On top of that, twins and triplets run on my side of the family. The last set was my great grandmother, but my mom thinks that I had a vanishing twin. They had two heartbeats then next time only one. Because of the chances, my husband and I are preparing for the possibility for multiples. We would like to wait until 12 weeks to announce our pregnancy, whenever that happens, but with multiples we're not sure when would be best to do so. We want to wait as long as possible, but we also know that you tend to show a lot faster when there is more than one. When would be a good time to announce the pregnancy? Thank you for your advise!

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  • @blackrose for a FTM you am show a little earlier but not more than anyone else during the first trimester. Try not to put the cart before the horse....
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  • There are a million factors that go into when to announce, some of which are personal comfort level and some of which you can't predict in advance (when you start showing, how severe your morning sickness is, whether you want to wait until a good NT scan and if so, when you get that, etc).  It's not something anyone can answer for you, especially before you're even pregnant....
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    I am going on 11 weeks pregnant with twins. So far, I  have had three good scans with strong heartbeats/growth in all. (First time I went is was because I was spotting) And surprise!  Two babes! Next time was when I switched to a high risk dr, and than I went in again because I teach and my students got me stuck in the middle of a fist fight....I also wanted another peak at them.  THEY WAVED! My close friends and family know bc they are who I would talk to if anything happened anyways. Also, my bosses bc my morning sickness got really bad at points.  Most people say to wait longer but I believe it is when  you really feel comfortable. Don't let anybody else dictate for you. 
  • I am 10 weeks with twins following fertility treatments. We have told our close friends and family, pretty much all the people who knew we were having fertility issues to be honest. We still haven't told the whole world yet (entire church, work other than my boss that I work closely with, or Facebook). I'm not showing yet and plan to wait another two weeks to share the news unless I pop out overnight or something. All in all, it's your body and your journey, you can choose to share it as you want to.
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    I'm 16 weeks with twins and my husband and I told our family and close friends at 6 weeks (we had been waiting 5.5 years so we couldn't wait to spread the news). I haven't announced on facebook but for the most part everyone at work knows (I couldn't hide the morning sickness anyways). So announce when you feel comfortable. 

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  • We found out at our 20 anatomy scan that we were having twins, (first scan we had) so when we did our gender reveal instead of bringing out one balloon we had two and watched out families react as it registered with them what was going on.  It was so fun.
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