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DD has RSV for the first time and is doing the at home nebulizer treatments and is on amoxicillin for an ear infections as well. this is the first time she's really been sick any tips for rsv? how'd you deal with all the coughing poor thing sounds horrible 

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  • So sorry, my lil had it in October/November and it was rough. He was on nebulizer 4x a day and had constant fever, cough, and congestion. Definitely humidify her room and give a spoonful of honey before bed. I used a spearmint and lavender essential oil cold compress for fever unless it was really bad then I gave Tylenol or Motrin. The cough is rough, when it was really bad at night I did give little remedies or zarrabees cough syrup. I made my own Vicks rub for infants for his feet, but didn't seem to help too much. Sleep was awful, so hopefully she's comfortable enough to sleep well. The symptoms can stay for over a month so don't be surprised if they don't go away easily. Hope she is better soon! 
  • @booksandcleverness81 thank you for the well wishes.  she seems to be getting better already which is awesome.  we had bought the zarrabees cough medicine before we knew it was rsv it seemed to help her sleep a bit better. a month of coughing would be awful sometimes she sticks her hand in her mouth i guess thinking it will help and gags herself. i feel so bad  plus DH and I are both sick the pedi said we may have been the ones to give it to her. 
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  • DS got it at about 6 mos, I swear by a Nose frida, zarbees mucous reducer, matys all natural chest rub, diffusing essential oils, cool air humidifier, crib wedge and oilogic stuffy nose and cough vapor bath. The cough does linger too. It's so hard to see them not feeling well :( good luck!
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