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Monday B*fest, Jan 23rd Edition

Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!

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    I would just like to take a moment to complain about the dry run we had to make to Labor and Delivery Friday night. I worked a half day Friday (my last day in the office) and then went into school for my first of five in-person Chemistry labs for the semester (I am doing an online class). In the middle of labs, I started to get an upset stomach and ended up rushing to the bathroom and then I started to get a migraine. Then the cramping and lower back pain started. Thank goodness we got out early because I was in so much pain that when I sent my OB a text, she told me to go to the hospital to get checked and if necessary she would come in. I drove all the way home in pain to grab my husband and he drove us in..for NOTHING! The second we pulled into the parking lot, I was already starting to feel better. Apparently I was having all sorts of irregular contractions, which I could feel because of the back pain and my daughter was moving around like crazy. I was stuck at 1cm and still about 50% effaced. I am so ready for this little one to just get here already and I have 2 weeks left!
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  • @Partyof6? Oh, that's so frustrating! Fingers crossed; if he can move breech this late, he can move back, right? Is your practice willing to attempt a version? Are YOU willing to? 

  • @poetryandoceans funny! That's so weird that everyone told you he would hate the bath. I always thought babies loved baths, all the ones I know do! 
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    We took our hospital tour last week and I was so irrationally annoyed and sad that we didn't get to see a labor room because they were all in use.  I mean I get you obviously can't kick a laboring woman out to show a tour group but that was what I most wanted to see on the tour and didn't get to.  I'm still kind of annoyed about it but there's not another tour coming up before my due date.
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  • I've had a sore throat for 2 days and a headache since this morning. I'm hoping I can kick whatever this is soon. Who has time to get sick at this point?? 
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  • @kswiger06 YGPM.
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
  • @Partyof6? Oh, that's so frustrating! Fingers crossed; if he can move breech this late, he can move back, right? Is your practice willing to attempt a version? Are YOU willing to?

    SITB - I actually doubt that he would he is a high risk doctor and while he's very open to certain things it's not like seeing a midwife. Plus from what I've read that sounds incredibly painful. I've been looking at websites that show the different positions to try and I also have a chiropractor and an acupuncturist in the area that I've used in the past that I would be happy to talk to if they had suggestions.  I had suspected he was transverse just because it seems like I always felt a lot of back all the way along the top of my belly so I don't know if he was head down and completely flipped or just went from transverse to head up.  As much as I don't want a  section there are parts of me that recognize just how much easier that would be for timing and scheduling and getting the kids places etc.
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  • @kswiger06 You have another PM! 

    @Partyof6? Totally reasonable; versions are not without their risks and complications. It's an option that's out there, but there are less risky ones. A girlfriend of mine who had a baby in December (who is a maternity doc, BTW) made the same decision you did. Do everything possible to move baby, but she ultimately decided a scheduled C was safer for mom and babe and future fertility (perhaps less of any issue for you ;) ) than the small risks associated with a version. 

    I feel like I say this every time the "a" word comes up, but I'm a huge fan of acupuncture for all things pregnancy related, and I know there have been some studies showing it can help with breech positioning; make sure to ask for at-home points. One treatment probably wouldn't do it, but repeated stimulation of acupressure points (maybe with a moxa stick) might gently encourage babe to shift. Can't hurt, anyway. Are you checking out Spinning Babies? My friend I mention above swears by them.

  • I am so sick of my employer. I was informed (in staff meeting, in front of all my fellow employees) that my boss is planning on kicking me out of the office I have had for the three yrs. I've been here, and sticking me in a shitty room with no windows and no door, that my desk won't even fit in. All to accommodate new employees they will be hiring,  in my current large office with brick and windows, and a door that closes. Tell me that is not complete and utter bullshit?! They have a habit of treating people shittier and shittier until they quit when they want someone out. Ever since I had a all disagreement with the director's butt buddy, and then even worse since I announced the pregnancy, I have been treated completely differently. I really feel like I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown.  It took everything I had not to start screaming and crying and walk out the door. It's one thing after another and I feel like I am about to crack...

  • @poetryandoceans, yes Spinning Babies is the website I am looking at.  Trying to figure out how to do that with kids around,  they were all over me just on the fitness ball that came yesterday.  

    I used an acupuncturist during our fertility treatments, and I believe it helped absolutely! 

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  • @Partyof6? I used an acupuncturist when trying to get pregnant, and also had an induction session the day my prodromal labour started (could have been a coincidence, but I want to believe!)

  • @kswiger06 I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask but I have a feeling because they have a set date each month that we may not be able to go not on a tour.
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    @yogadevil Totally normal!! My midwife warned me it would happen and gave me permission to take a gravol. My doula gave me permission to have a glass of wine (like, an adult sized glass, not a "I'm pregnant and have researched it and concluded that 4 carefully measured oz is okay" glass). Don't do both, but either one could be an option, if you're comfortable with it. That philosophy when it comes to alcohol and breastfeeding may not feel comfortable to you, but they were both ways of just giving your body permission to relax into this new place. What are your go-to self care things? 

  • As of Saturday morning our dishwasher is busted. It should be covered in the home warranty but ugh. What a PITA. Yes this is totally a FWP but keep in mind we have a house with 4 adults and 2 kids and we often entertain. We actually had people over for brunch when this discovery was made. 

     <3 DD1- Aug11 <3o:) Angel Baby- June13, said goodbye Oct12 o:)<3 DD2- Aug13 <3<3 DD3- due Feb17 <3

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  • My legs keep buckling at the hip, with shooting pain. At times I'm having to crawl to go between the bed and bathroom.

    Also, the breast pump department for medline doesn't answer the phone. So I ordered from a different supplier.
  • @Xstatic3333 and @madamerwin haha I should set up a hamster cam. I used to have an app that used my old phone as a camera and i could look at them at any time but with them being nocturnal and all they didn't do anything during the day so I was just watching a bedding pile or sock (yes they like to sleep inside old washed socks) and hoping I saw wiggles every once in a while lol. I ended up stopping it b/c I'd drive myself crazy wondering if they were ok when I didn't see movement. Sometimes I'd catch a midday snack or water bottle trip though :)
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  • Thanks @marriedhamstermom!! I read your post and upon seeing the name "Gronk" I got images of "the gronk"... what a lovely body to pop in my head  ;)

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  • @poetryandoceans why do sick people not logically know they can't be anywhere near your brand new baby?! Ugh! Sorry!

    @yogadevil I think the first few days home from the hospital can be overwhelming for anyone. But if things don't settle down, maybe make sure your doctor knows? A friend of mine had post partum anxiety and didn't recognize it for months, thinking it was normal.
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  • @Jab3

    Thanks lady! That really means a lot. I invest a lot in words and using them to connect with others and express myself, and it's really lovely to hear that it sometimes works :) 

    @FreshBakedBrownies I know, right? ESPECIALLY in January. One week old + influenza? So not on. 

  • @MLRocha I totally get it. They stuck me with a new hire to train starting last month (our training program is 4 months long so I won't even get to finish training him) but they have yet to figure out my actual replacement for when I leave. I know they are secretly hoping I deliver late because if I go early, they are screwed. I barely have energy as it is, so doing two people's jobs right now is really starting to wear on me. Do the best you can but once you're on leave, completely unplug and let them figure it out!
  • @MLRocha I FEEL YOUR PAIN! My replacement is technically 2 people -- one is FINALLY coming on next week on Monday. The other hasn't even been hired yet. So I am trusting my boss to train them and I do NOT trust my boss to train them. God knows what I'm going to come back to but it will be chaos.

    @Patience7150 I'm in the same boat. I'm turning off my phone. I will not be answering calls. I'll be busy.
  • Partyof6? said:
    Baby isn't breech!!!  
    ROCK ON! We've got all of the baby spinning mojo going on around here today!

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