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Anyone else kinda over it?

Let me start with the disclaimers: I'm thrilled to be pregnant (after dealing with infertility/IVF/loss) and I know this baby needs a few more weeks to bake. I am thankful that this is a low risk pregnancy, with no preterm labor or bedrest or the like. I really, really am.

HOWEVER, I'm coming on 32 weeks and I have to be honest, I'm just over it. I'm tired of moving slowly, tired of my lady parts feeling bruised, tired of being tired, tired of not fitting into my real clothes, tired of not having wintery dark beer, tired of bumping into shit with my mega-bump, tired of practicing bradley method squats (I JUST KEEP TIPPING OVER), tired of crying over nothing, tired of weird food aversions that I thought would be gone forever after 12 weeks, tired of my puffy feet and sausage fingers, just tired of being pregnant. It's boring and uncomfortable. I've had my fill, thanks.

And as soon as I admit that, I feel like a TERRIBLE UNGRATEFUL BAD MOMMY. Is anyone else in the same boat? I know this too shall pass, it's all worth it, etc. It would just make me feel better to know someone else is going batty right there with me.
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Re: Anyone else kinda over it?

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  • YES x 1,000,000!!!!!!!!!

  • @UnicornsPlease

    Your post made me ugly laugh- right here with you too. Thrilled to be pregnant and to soon have a new life to nourish but its getting old!!!! I miss being active mostly. I just feel like I swallowed a planet all the time 
  • +1 for over it. I feel a little guilty about it sometimes too, but at this point, with all the uncomfortable-ness, I don't know how people can't be over it.
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  • I am so with you.  I have had an easy, fun pregnancy up until now and have really enjoyed it.  But my shower was Saturday and now it's like there's nothing to look forward to and I'm starting to get uncomfortable and today at work I had my first moment of wanting her to just get out!

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  • I took an r&r day from work today because I'm getting tired of it too!
    Everything has been dandy until this week (week 32) when I exploded with emotions and panic
  • You are not alone. I'm already scheduled for a c-section at 39 wks but still hoping she comes naturally before then. This has been my easiest pregnancy and I'm still over it. 
  • Count me in on the "over it" club.
    I, too, am beyond-the-moon thankful for my rainbow baby, but... he's strong, and kicks my ribs & cervix too much for comfort--and SOMEHOW is still going to grow for a few more weeks?! I miss the days when putting on my shoes was not a huge chore. I guess we're all reaching the part when our body tricks our mind into being excited about labor (an otherwise terrifying concept). 
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  • @UnicornsPlease no disclaimers needed!! We all understand the love for the baby while at the same time being miserable actually growing the kid. Perfect place to rant about the bad parts of pregnancy :smile:
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  • Uh,  yes.  After my night of losing a good share of mucous plug, then learning the joys of braxton hicks.... I'm so over it. But at the same time want this little human to stay in there for four more weeks 

  • @UnicornsPlease girl I totally feel you.  After spending the last 2 nights in the hospital to stop contractions, I. Am. Miserable.  After struggling with infertility I totally get the guilt, but you know what?  I'm not running into monitoring hours at my fertility clinic to shout this out, I'm shouting it to you ladies.  Just because I'm grateful to be pregnant and understand it's safer for the twins to keep cooking a little longer doesn't mean I have to enjoy it.  I am soooo uncomfortable and I want my body back.  My 'latest date they'll let me go' has been pushed up, and my estimated delivery (how long  they think they'll go) has been pushed up even further, and after talking to the NICU team about what it means for the babies I really just don't feel guilty about being ok with that.  
  • Same here.  I am really excited to be starting our family, but I sure do miss things like not having to rock myself out of bed.  I miss being able to use step stools without suddenly realizing that my center of balance is different than it has been for the last 30+ years.  Every time I drive my husband's car instead of mine, I feel like an utter whale because of the way I have to adjust the seat and try to wriggle in and out of the driver's seat.  I've never been a huge drinker but now that I CAN'T drink, I miss wine so, so much - especially on our 1 year wedding anniversary when we'd planned to open a bottle of wine that we'd been saving since our honeymoon, and didn't because of the baby.  I miss sleeping on my stomach and not throwing up after almost every meal.  I miss breathing like a normal person and not crying when my husband tells me we can't go to CatCon.  Pregnancy sucks and it's okay to admit it.
  • Im 100% with you and this is my second.

    To add to your list I am tired of my 17mon old being so needy bc I think she knows something is life is about to change. I'm tired of the inability to sleep. Im tired of the horrible migraines. I'm tired of feeling fat. I'm tired and SOOOO apologetic for my mood swings and anxiety. (Like I've been thru this...why am I so panicky?)

  • I am so with all of you. It's like as soon as 32 weeks hit I was done. I feel like my body is no longer my own, it's just a vessel for baby. I miss wine and cold cuts and bending over and comfortable sleep! Just like everyone else, I'm still beyond grateful for this baby, but I want my body back!
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  • @MrsBinPA - Preach. You are my anonymous internet homegirl and said it far better and with more brevity than I could. 
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  • C25 said:
    Im not one who handles pregnancy well but I don't think I do that horribly either. Third time around and I agree with above, around 32 weeks I just hit a breaking point. I feel bruised in the crotch too, I want hot normal sex again too, I want my clothes to freaking fit too, I feel so gross and fat constantly, I cannot breathe and I cannot sleep. 

    I KNOW for a fact that it's a lot more exhausting having them out and home but it's also much better when you get to hold them in your arms and you can breathe at the same time! 

    ^All of this! I hit that point at like 29 weeks though lol All of a sudden it felt like baby was smooshed up under my rib cage and I couldn't move or breathe anymore 

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  • Definitely feel you. Since ~30 or so weeks I've just been getting less and less into it.

    BUT, I am more & more into the idea of actually meeting this baby, which is a new thing. I totally agree that being pregnant is the only thing that makes labor seem like a cool, almost *exciting* idea. I'm also a FTM so I have no idea of the shitstorm that is about to hit my lovely, quiet home!!!  :p
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  • Im 32 weeks on Friday and today was really the first day where I just couldn't handle it.. breathing.. standing.. sitting.. it's all hard. I'm constantly full and if I lean the wrong way I get spit up in my mouth, ugh! I just can't wait to have baby here, happy and healthy. 

    I walked in the door after work today and SO asked how I was feeling and my grumpy response was... "Huge, I feel huge and crappy." 
  • @longliveregina I'm with you. I'm not ready yet either. Almost everything hurts but I need more time.

  • @Burrberrymum I get the same puke in mouth feeling when I bend the wrong way.. Which feels like every direction. It's awful!

    Me: 26 Hubs: 28

    Married: 6/6/15 <3

    Baby Girl: 3/22/2017

  • Thanks to each and every one of you for your responses. It's been a tough couple of days--mentally, physically, emotionally--and seeing that other people are in the same boat has been a blessing. 

    @direwolfmini THANK YOU for the creepy internet hugs. 

    @kiyamurph "you still feel the way that you feel" is so basic, but so true. It just doesn't do any good to beat yourself up about how you honestly feel.

    @gators&amp;bosox I can't wait to have him and forget all about the nuisances of pregnancy. Hearing that it's just a matter of time cheered me up.

    @silverbulletband Missing being active is one of the biggest things for me, too! The other day I was walking on my treadmill (at a whopping 2.5 mph) and a song I used to have on my running playlist came on. I wanted to break into a sprint SO BADLY, but I can only imagine the world of pain I would have caused myself. I was able to hit the gym (light weights, mostly), keep up in prenatal yoga, and do prenatal pilates at home until about 30 weeks, but I feel like I'm hitting the outer limits now. Plus I keep grunting and farting in yoga, and I'm afraid I'm scaring the girls in their second trimester ;-)

    @kjd291 That cat pic is glorious and I want it on a tee shirt.

    Must be something about 32 weeks. I've been a WRECK. Yesterday (work from home day) I managed to forget my work laptop at a restaurant and not realize it until 6 hours later, at which point I just burst into hysterics. (The laptop was recovered safe and sound about an hour after that).

    @JustAnotherUsername16  Ohh, I've been there. The other day I watched "A Baby Story" on TLC (mistake #1) and there was this couple who was all glowy and PREGNANCY IS MAGICAL who had gotten pregnant their FIRST MONTH TRYING and they were surrounded by family and friends and blah blah blah. It made me ugly cry and want to throw things. PM me if you want to trade war stories, it sounds like we may have similar pregnancy tales.

    @anonellis True story about ranting to the right crowd. I actually wish I would go back to my clinic and promise each and every woman in there that it will happen! Eventually it will happen! ...Which, you know, no one can promise, and I wouldn't have believed it then anyway. But it's an interesting position to be in, "on the other side" as it were.
    Me: 30, mild DOR
    Him: 31, totes fine.
    IUI #1: 5 follicles, cycle cancelled :-/
    IUI #2: 1 follicle, BFP, chemical
    IVF #1: 12 follicles, 9 eggs, 1 fresh 5dt and 4 on ice. BFP, beta #1: 326, beta #2: 841 

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  • @Ivorytower2 I second that. 7 & 1/2 months? No, 7 & 1/2 years. I found a few "skinny" clothing items in the bottom of a drawer and was holding it up thinking whose tops are these? Oh wait! Theses are mine from a few years ago. Oh wait, I wore this on the first day of school in September..........
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