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WARNING: I have always used Gerber for my children, and continue to do so however, I had a very scary experience last night with the Gerber Arrowroot Cookie. My 10 month old was in his highchair and I was sitting right next to him when he shoved the whole cookie in his mouth after about 3 minutes of just sucking on one side. I quickly scooped the cookie out of his mouth, but the half he was previously sucking on broke off, and stayed in his mouth. He was scared and started to cry, while crying he began to aspirate, which then caused him to choke, and his airway's were blocked. His lips began to turn blue and his face was loosing color. Thanks to God, and my husband, he was able to dislodge the food, and my baby then began coughing it up. This was a very scary experience, and I want to let other parents to know to be VERY cautious when giving your baby these cookies. They definitely need to improve their safety. The pastiness and consistency of these cookies are not safe. After this scary experience I started looking into the cookie, and I see this has happened to many other parents. PARENTS PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN GIVING YOUR BABY ARROWROOT COOKIES.


  • I'm sorry you went through that. I'm not familiar with Gerber cookies. Are they like adult
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  • I am so sorry that happened! Thank goodness LO is okay. Thank you for the warning. I was thinking of buying these cookies just this morning and I definitely will not.
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  • Thank you for the tip. I've had no issues with these cookies but did with a rice cake. That said, I had a talk with the pediatrician after my choking incident and he said never swipe the food out of a babies mouth. You can inadvertently push the food or item further in causing it to get stuck. Turn the baby so the are pointed down and slap their backs. Upside down. That's what my husband did one day when the munchkin choked on something else he'd given him. 
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  • That's so scary! Thanks for the info. I saw them on my baby run last week and thought about buying them but I thought they were too big. The recommendation says for babies beginning to feed themselves/crawler/walkers but I didn't think LO could handle it. They should be geared more towards 4-5 year olds.
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  • Thanks for the tip Brittanispears....very much appreciated and thank God your aby is ok
  • My baby eats arrowroot cookies, but we break them up into 4small pieces, because the cookie itself as a whole was too big for him. 
  • Seriously, why would you let your child shove an entire cookie into his mouth? That was your issue right there. Glad baby is safe, though.
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