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Montessori ??

Who has experience with Montessori programs? Anyone thinking of using one? I see one 30 min from my house offers 3 or 4 days per week starting at age 2... I was thinking of doing this till she got to preschool age then putting her in preschool in my town. Is there anything i should factor in for using Montessori? Any downsides you've encountered? What is expected of the parents for these types of programs, like do I need to do anything at home as well? Just want to know what to expect! Any input would be super appreciated! 

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  • My cousin's 3 year old goes to a Montessori preschool in Chicago. They start the day off with yoga, and when it's lunch time, the kids help prepare their own meal. Those are just a few of the things I find so cool about it. It all sounds very interesting, and their LO is so articulate. I vote "yes" to give it a whirl! 
  • Our daycare isn't 100% Montessori but it promotes a lot of the Montessori principles, specifically respect for the child and the absorbent mind. I swear he learns something new every day. It's incredible. And all the kids seem so happy at drop off and pick up. We kind of continue the same approach back at home. We give him the freedom to explore and learn and foster what he is doing here. Like today he was helping daddy with ice cubes in his water. So he decided he wanted to fill his own cup. We let him go back and forth from the kitchen to the family room filling cups with ice cubes and then dumping them out and refilling. So it's all about fostering him and giving him an environment where he can explore and really be himself. 
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  • I would love to except the only Montessori school in my area is 10k a school year(summers off) and they don't go 'full time' until 4 years old. I just love the program but it's not realistic for us since I stay home. 
  • The main thing about Montessori is that the learning is self-directed. Some pros of Montessori programs is that they are very developmentally friendly, and the kids are exposed to a lot and can sort of dive in deeper to what they are interested in. I have some friends who occasionally struggled in typical school (one has ADHD, the other was never diagnosed but I wouldn't be surprised if she had it too) and they excelled in Montessori. There are some cons: some of the programs are so child-driven that the kids don't get any structure, which to me is a key thing they need to experience at this age. And some programs don't encourage social interaction - one child I worked with performed well in Montessori because all he did was play by himself, but at our school where we encouraged interaction... Let's just say it did not go well haha. I think a lot depends on the personality of your child too - if you think it would be a good fit for your LO, go for it!
  • We are in daycare right now but come march we will be looking into Montessori. I love that it's a learning environment as well as a play environment. Ours has an amazing program. Our current daycare is great but doesn't have a structured learning plan. They just learn about what ever the kids all seem to be interested in that week. 
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