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Any other mommies suffering from super dry scaly skin on their face? Like mine is peeling in patches. Looks terrible

What products are you using if you're having this problem?....if its working? my face is a mess


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  • My skin is really dry on my face, just started getting dry within the last week or so. I chalked it up to it being winter and being from Wisconsin the cold weather and heat in the house make it really dry. I haven't had to use any lotion yet I'm nervous that I'll break out bad.. sorry not much help! 
  • I like the Aveeno Eczema Therapy stuff, or the generic of it usually works just as well too. Liquid gold. Hope this helps. 
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  • Thank you all. I have a reg apt today so I am going to talk to the OB about it.....though it doesn't sound like there's anything she can do
  • I find that Philosophy products work well for my face. I've had really dry hands and have had to resort to using aquaphor on them. 
  • Do you have a humidifier?  If I forget to turn my humidifier on at night I'm skin suffers.  With it, much much better. I use REN Moisturizer.  
  • Humidifier in the house plus Paula's Choice Skin Recovery Moisturizer every night, and a PC serum or the same moisturizer every morning. 
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