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2nd Trimester

16 Weeks and still feel queasy

I'm starting to be fearful that this is going to continue through the entire pregnancy... anyone else still feeling queasy?!  I thought this was supposed to lift!  

The pain that you're feeling can't compare to the joy that's coming - Romans 8:18

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Re: 16 Weeks and still feel queasy

  • Unfortunately sometimes it doesn't end. With my second I was sick and puked several times a day up until I delivered. Talk to your doctor about possible medication if it doesn't end and becomes unbearable. 

  • Thank you!!!

    The pain that you're feeling can't compare to the joy that's coming - Romans 8:18

    DD born 6/20/2011

    TTC#2 since Feb 2014
    My Chart:
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    I stayed nauseous until about 6 months with DS, and it finally lifted. (I was very bitter that I never experience the magical second trimester nausea reprieve/sex drive/energy boost that everyone told me would happen, haha.) Mine never got unbearable, but it was always there. I agree with PP that you should talk to your doctor about it if it gets to be too much.

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  • I haven't had much nausea this pregnancy, but I remember with DD it started late (maybe 9 weeks) and continued until probably 16 weeks. Every single day around 2pm it would hit.
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  • I was nauseous through 20 weeks and had intermittent nausea/vomiting episodes until 24 weeks.  

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    I felt nauseous my in my throat than my stomach. Hello reflux! I didn't have this with my first, but i am glad I mentioned it to my ON this last week. I'm 15w4d.
  • I see this was posted a while ago, so hopefully you are feeling better! I just wanted to share that I was nauseous until about 17-18 weeks. I only went off my nausea medicine (diclegis) at 20 weeks. So although its less common to have it last into the second trimester, it does happen and it doesn't mean you will be nauseous the whole time (this was my fear).
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  • I'm still feeling it at 16w, if anything I feel worse than I did at 7-9 weeks.  My doctor helpfully said, "Oooh, if it's not easing up by now, settle in for the long haul!"  SMH....

    I hope she's wrong.
  • Me too! I'm 15 weeks now and still feeling nausea. ugh!
  • I'm 19 weeks and I'm still nauseous! It's horrible. I feel like it'll be my whole pregnancy too!
  • Mine stuck around quite a bit too. I was closer to 17-18 weeks until I was able to start eating a larger variety of foods again. 

    Still get some mild waves of nausea from time to time. Usually at something "Gross". 
  • I'm still taking promethazine and have been since week 8 or so. I'm on week 14 today. Since it's a class C I had hoped to stop by now but nausea is still taking over sometimes. At least vomiting stopped and THAT I am happy about.
  • @kitkat8387 can I ask how you knew when to stop the nausea meds? I'm on the same pill and started taking two at night recently (maybe two three weeks ago) to help curb it and now for a week I feel so much better but I don't want to find out what it's fixing.
  • @katie______ I was taking 4 a day actually (my nausea was horrible) but there was still some underlying nausea, even on the medicine. As long as that underlying nausea continued, I stayed on it. Once I felt 100% normal ON the medicine, I started slowly weaning off over the course of about a week (took 3/day for 2 days, 2/day for 2 days, 1/day for 2 days, then nothing). I would suggest that if the medicine is curbing your nausea but there is still some there, stay on it until you feel TOTALLY normal and then try reducing your dose slowly to see how you do. Good luck!
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  • Thanks @kitkat8387    I also fly long distances too.....so I feel like even after I wean off I may keep the script or the zofran (from when I was really sick) for flying.....I appreciate the how!!! :)

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