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  • I lost my wallet. :( Pregnancy brain is dangerous!
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  • @longliveregina that's exactly what I told my police officer husband who had just dealt with a triple homicide earlier that day when he was lecturing me about coming home to finding my keys in the door... Preggo brain is dangerous!

    Now, I have pregnancy-induced paranoia (yea, it's a thing. I'm calling it) where I spent half my life driving back to my house to check that I locked the door, shut the garage, turned off the oven, (insert other security risk here) because I genuinely cannot remember whether or not I did it...
  • I've also been leaving my keys in the door. I dropped DD off at daycare the other day and had to go all the way back home to lock the door. At least I remembered that I forgot to lock it.. That counts for something right? 

  • I keep putting things in my purse when I'm not going anywhere. Couldn't find my phone to charge it at bed time last night cause I put it in my purse. DH's work glasses, in my purse. Eyeliner pencil, in my purse.  I guess it could be worse. 
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    I needed to relax and meditate so I walked to the local Buddhist temple for group meditation because "I know where that is!"  I arrived preggo huffing and puffing barely on time to look up and see a large golden sign that read: "Sikh Temple".
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  • I can definitely relate to the pregnancy induced paranoia! I swear I check the front door to make sure it's locked 30 times every night before bed! 

    My funny story is that I put the vegetable steamer away in the freezer last night! To be fair the freezer IS right next the the pantry that the steamer is supposed to be in!  :D 

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  • Forgot to change into my sports bra and Showed up to my prenatal yoga class with my dingy tan stretched out old comfy bra that clearly showed with my too small workout top on. But hey at least I remembered to put one on so I guess that's a win.
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