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WTF Wednesday

It's been awhile. What are you saying WTF to today?

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Re: WTF Wednesday

  • I have three weeks left in the semester and we have already done our end of course exams.
    WTF am I supposed to DOOOOO for the next three weeks? 
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  • That's a lot of time to fill @longliveregina! What do you teach?
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    Baby Boy: coming March 2017

  • ngcsugirl1112 That's funny. Actually made me laugh...its a man thing. Mine does it too.....and then the MIL calls to say I never called her
  • liepertsm said:
    That's a lot of time to fill @longliveregina! What do you teach?
    History. And I refuse to fill it, lol. If anyone asks what I am doing, its "credit recovery." I'm just assigning random projects to raise kids' grades. Because at this point most of them have already passed the class and are just waiting for the semester to end. (I teach at a weird school for kids who for whatever reason can't go to the traditional high schools in my county.) 
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  • WTF kids stores like carters?! All of your stores are jam packed and unorganized and impossible to get through with a stroller. Wouldn't you think that a store that sells baby and kids clothes only would harbor quite a few women pushing strollers? if you want me to buy your clothes, I have to be able to get to them!
    A million times yes. 
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  • @direwolfmini not cool to mess with a pregnant lady's stomach!
  • @disneybaby84 RIGHT? They were picking on me because I was 1 min late to the meeting, too. I have to waddle slowly these days, and everyone is constantly asking how I am. It takes time to be polite and answer. They're lucky I made it there at all!
  • @direwolfmini when is maternity leave?
  • @disneybaby84 If I don't go into labor before then, I would be induced between 3/8 - 3/14 when I'm in my 38th week, and I was planning on working up until I have a legitimate medical reason not to (so that I can get short term disability in addition to the mat leave after they're born). Right now I'm only going to the office 2-3x a week (it has been 2x for the last 3 weeks b/c of the holidays) an work from home the other days. I would love to go on leave sooner than later, but I can't take the risk with my husband not working.

    Fortunately, my doctors agree that I should stop working sooner than later, and as soon as anything comes up (slightly elevated blood pressure? dialated 1 cm? trace protein in urine? regular braxton hicks?) they will write me a doctor note so I can go on leave immediately. I am torn between hoping something happens so I can go on leave and hoping that I keep having a textbook pregnancy :neutral:
  • @direwolfmini that's rough! i understand you're kind of stuck between choices. 
  • I'm furious about my medical costs post Obamacare.  I am employed, husband as well, all of our premiums/deductibles/coinsurance have skyrocketed.  Nothing is covered.  "Preventative care" is garbage.  Will have 12-16k worth of bills with traditional employer insurance since Obamacare legislation - 2 years ago?  3k cost.  10 years ago a vahinal delivery was 7k total.  How on earth are people supposed to foot this stuff.  Add in childcare?  Taxes?  Forget the mortgage etc.  I'm just livid about this all.  We wanted to have another child in the next couple years and I just can't see how we can Manage it all.  I can wait until I'm 35 when I'm high risk and give it a whirl for less $$ but how on earth is the right thing to do.   
  • Cbeanz said:
    Fetal Activity Gym
    For anyone who isn't getting kicked enough already...
    Ha! Thanks for the laugh. I think mine has one of these in there. 
  • WTF everything right now. Baby is so high there is little room for air or food. Just laid down, promptly threw up on myself and sheets. Had to yell at H to get him to change the sheets (he gave me an oh, we need to change them? No you a-hole I want to sleep in vomit tonight) while I finished clearing my stomach on the toilet. And it hurts to bend over into a throwing up position because feet are in my ribs. Now I have even more laundry to take care of in the morning.
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  • My husband just had back surgery and I've had to literally wait on him hand and foot while he recovers over the past 3 weeks (thankfully he's back to work now) but his mom is in FL and has to have emergency heart surgery tomorrow morning. He can't take anymore time off right now because he needs time for when the baby is born, and his sister is out of sick leave from her job, so he volunteered me to go for 3 weeks or more from Texas to Florida to help with her transition from the hospital to rehab!! Now I'm a nurse so I get it, and I totally understand that these are legit medical issues but hello!! I'm the pregnant one over here harboring a human in my uterus and I would very much like to be selfish now in these last few weeks and hide under the blankets.......okay end rant 
  • @kiyamurph That's incredible. You seriously can't make that stuff up.
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  • @lizer514 Is it ok to travel being this far in your pregnancy?
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  • @Lizer514 just out of nosiness and being a former Floridian, where in FL is the mother in law?  Reson being I might know resources she can tap into there and keep you home.
  • I haven't cleared it with my dr yet to travel since now (thankfully) the idea is at the bottom of the list. And I told him that the longest I would go would be 10 days. Honestly I live in a bordertown in south texas and hate the healthcare system here so I'm not afraid of delivering somewhere else, I don't want it to happen but we'd make it work. @disneybaby84 She lives in the Port St Lucie area, any suggestions are welcomed!
  • @Lizer514 could she sign up for home health care and have them help out?
  • CanadianintheSouth That it hysterical!! "Oh we need to change them?"
  • @disneybaby84 we're looking into some options now and will see what the dr suggests once she's out of surgery and has a better discharge plan
  • @rw3190 I swear he is a smart guy, I don't know how he can be so dense sometimes. 

    But I am feeling WAY better today. Had a pre-natal massage this morning and I feel like a million dollars now. Pregnancy is such a fickle thing. 
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  • @pandalily - YES!  I totally put my order in before the end of 2016, expecting that to be a change.  
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