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  • Welp, my water broke while we were waiting for the amnisure to come back. We were pretty sure then lol. He's only 33 weeks and 4lbs though. We're aiming for 34 weeks now. I'm in the hospital until my little bug decides to come or they decide he needs to come.
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  • Thinking of you and baby boy!  <3
  • Totally shows that mama knows best! So frustrated your drs didn't trust you. Good luck! Sending best wishes for a healthy baby. 
  • I'm so glad you were already there being monitored. Wishing you and baby all the best! You've got this  <3
  • I'm so glad that you and your mom were able to advocate for you and your little man! Now you can say:


    I'm just sorry that you had to drive around so much during this ordeal! I'm sure that didn't help your stress level!

    Hang in there mama!
  • Oh my gosh I can't believe how they treated you! Not that it will make anything better, but I hope they all feel terrible guilt. I am crossing my fingers for you and your little boy to make it as long as possible.  I know this is purely anecdotal but my nephew was born at 33 weeks, only spent a week in the hospital, and is a happy healthy 3 year old.  It sounds like you will be getting the best care now that your mom is with you!

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  • I'm sorry for the crazy ordeal you've been through the past couple days! I'm so glad you listened to your body, kept pushing to be seen, and are now being monitored as you should be! 
    Keep us updated about your little fighting man. Hope he can keep cooking as much as possible!
  • @alexxapplepiee I'm so glad you are getting care, and prayers for you and baby. To be 33-34 weeks is wonderful. Please let us know when he is here, and good luck! :)
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  • FTM or not, you know your body. I'm glad they're finally taking you seriously, but it sucks that they waited untill now. Fingers crossed you get one more week!
  • So sorry for the roughtime that you have had and that the medical team have been mean and have not respected any of your symptoms or feelings up until now. T and P for you and your baby boy that you are able to make it to 34 weeks.

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    Good for you for being persistent and advocating for yourself. Sometimes mom just knows best. T&P for an easy hospital stay and delivery.
  • @alexxapplepiee so glad to hear you're getting the care you need now. Hopefully he'll hold on until Tuesday!! Just remember we're all here thinking about you!!
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  • Oh wow, I'm so glad that you kept going back and trusting your gut despite the nurses and drs telling you that you were overreacting! Glad you are finally getting some good medical care and have a game plan for your little one. I'll be thinking of y'all! 
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  • We are all cheering you on from all corners of the globe! Wishing you and LO a happy and healthy meeting, but hopefully not until Tuesday! I know pushing for better treatment could not have been easy for you, but I'm SO glad you did! 
  • I'm so glad you are finally in the hospital where they can watch you and your lo. I hope he gets as much time as possible to grow before joining you on the outside! I also hope you have an easy delivery and a remarkably short stay in the NICU. Good luck!!  <3
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  • ***lurker

    I have been following your story and you and your family have been in our prayers. 
    I'm so glad you kept pushing and listening to your momma gut. It's a great idea to tour the nicu and wrap your head around it. 
    I wish you a safe delivery! 
  • Good luck @alexxapplepiee, what a whirlwind of a pregnancy you've had. Hope he stays in there until Tuesday, and wishing you both good health and a short NICU stay!
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  • Thinking about you and praying! My 2 year old was born at 34 weeks due to preeclampsia. He spent 10 days in NICU and has been a strong healthy little boy since. This will be hard...but try to stay positive and look for the good side in everything! 
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    @alexxapplepiee oh my goodness I am just tuning into this thread/catching up and I'm so glad that you are admitted and getting the monitoring you need! It's been such a long crazy road for you, prayers for a healthy delivery and everything will end happily! 

    Cannot even believe how horrible they've been treating you, I'd write some MAJOR complaints to the hospital board, write reviews on google, Facebook, twitter etc. because I feel like those things get noticed now days. They deserve to be called out on their horrible service to such a well deserving patient! 
  • they messed with the wrong lady! lol how exciting though that you get to meet your little man so soon! I know it's not ideal but still.. eek! Praying that everything from here on out runs smoothly and that you both have an easy, healthy birth experience  <3
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