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  • @jenny0228 our little man is measuring 4 weeks ahead of schedule. The Drs are all bugging out, but DH was a 9+lb baby. I was 9&1/2.  All the men in my family are over 6ft2in. My brother is 6'6" and he's not even the tallest. DH had a lot of tall men in his family too. I myself am 6ft so I'm not as shocked as the Drs are. And I agree with the other ladies that the US is not always acccurate with measurements. I think my little man is definitely bigger than average but not sold on the idea of being 4 weeks to big. Which is the 99%. 
  • wow there is definitely height in your family! lol... good thing though with you being tall as well is your body is built for big babies, generally speaking
  • thanks for all the reassurance on the weight/size -- I'm feeling much less panicked about it now! DH and his family are tall, but I'm just 5'5. hopefully LO will even out or the US is not correct! maybe he did go through a growth spurt, I have been SO hungry lately! 
  • @jenny0228 My DH's family is tall as well, and this baby has been consistently measuring 2 or more weeks ahead since the anatomy scan. (At one point, the fundal height measured 5-6 weeks ahead!) I was adopted, and all I know is that I weighed about 5 pounds at birth. I don't know if that's because I was born prematurely, or if that's simply natural for my genes (I'm just a little under 5'1.) My birth mom was young and homeless, so that's another likely contributing factor to my low birth weight. DH and his sister, on the other hand, were both born 2 weeks early and already weighed over 9 lbs! 

    Earlier on, I was worried about the baby's size. But my OB has been chill about it, making me more relaxed too. I don't want a c-section unless it's a dire circumstance, so ruling out anything truly serious, I have faith I'm going to give birth to a healthy baby, and my body will do what it's supposed to do. :) Even if that baby's a chunkster!


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  • I thought it was just me with the bra thing. Everyday I come home I tell myself I need to buy some tanks with the bra in them but they normally are still to small. 

    DH is nesting also. We moved in September and have totes everywhere. He has been cleaning for almost 2 days now. Says he thinks baby will come early like 2nd week of March. Which makes me nervous because I'm clearly not ready. My sister asked me last night if I started packing my bag yet. I think my thought is if I don't do much time will slow down. 

  • i WISH dh would get the damn nesting bug lol
  • @serenity13 I'm with you - I ordered some things for my bag this week, and got extra toothbrushes and all that so we can just grab and go. It's early, but I will feel SO much better once it's packed and ready. 
  • @kjd291 I can't believe you're so close. I'm envious!
  • Good suggestion @serenity13! Will have to check that book out. 

    @jenny0228 good idea on extra toothbrush...I've got a list made of what I want to bring but haven't gotten it all gathered yet. Still have 9 weeks! Goodness it's going by so quickly now!!
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  • I'm 7 weeks away!
    Same!  :)
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