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Riverview hos in Red bank

Recently moved to southern middlesex county and learned that my OB delivers at Riverview Hospital. Has anyone had any experience with this hospital? Specifically L&D, but I'll take any feedback. 

Re: Riverview hos in Red bank

  • delivered my daughter at the end of september. the entire staff is incredible and it's a comfortable experience. did you have any specific questions? 
  • @mrszoess i guess just reassurance that the hospital and staff are not evil people lol it's scary when i think about trusting complete strangers in a hospital I know nothing about (aside from a news article about high rates of C-section) with my body and baby. Thank you for your insight! 

    Did the hospital give you a tour beforehand? Do they offer classes? Do they do anything special for MTB? Private rooms? I guess I'm looking for other people's experiences and/or helpful hints since I know nothing about this hospital. 
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  • i didn't do any classes. all hospitals around there are private rooms for birthing and post partum, and the nurses were great. they do offer tours and classes. we were sent a private dinner our last night in the hospital also. 

    my doctor warned me i was likely going to have a c section based on my own personal circumstances. they also don't pressure you to keep the baby in your room 24/7 and the lactation consultant was lovely and helpful. i really have no complaints :) 
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