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Issue with daycare question

Good morning all, 
I am having an issue with my daughters daycare. Last week , I picked my daughter up on Tuesday, brought her home and emptied her bag. There were two random baby bottles in there. Wednesday morning j brought them into her daycare and advised the teachers. I pick her up that afternoon and bring her home. Empty her bag and found a random blanket in there alongside her blankets and clothes. So I was her stuff and bring the blanket back in Thursday morning. Thursday afternoon I pick her up, her favorite blanket hat we bring home every day is missing . The girls couldn't figure out where they put it. Then remember they put it in a different baby's bag. That child only comes Tuesday's and Thursday's. I advised the manager and she called the parents of said child and they stated they would return the blanket. Upon leaving that afternoon I noticed my daughter was sitting In a BM so I went to change her and EVERYTHinG was bright red and she was screaming. So I'm not sure how long she was sitting in that. I advised the owner or all the instances and she handled it nicely and spoke to the teachers. I noticed that in the afternoons, my daughters teachers are not there and they're college students in their place without a teacher. I recently toured another facility, and I'm VERY easygoing but throw bothers me. Thoughts?

Re: Issue with daycare question

  • I've actually been on the other side of this as a college student filling on for full-time teachers, so I have some sympathy for them as they may have been put in the infant room without anyone to tell them what stuff belongs to which child. I'm assuming they are there for the summer? That being said, not changing the diapers enough is totally unacceptable. I would sit down with the manager and explain everything that's happened since the college students have been there. She needs to get the college students better-trained.
  • I'd be irritated too and would definitely talk with the director about the BM/red butt issue. I'd be pissed about that. If you aren't happy then I would switch schools. I did that for my son for my own peace of mind and everything has been better.
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  • I worked at a private homeschool/daycare facility and diaper negligence was grounds for termination. As for the mix ups with belongings, it happening once, or maybe twice in a very great while is understandable, but that frequency is unacceptable =/ definitely keep management informed, but do speak to the teachers/college students about your expectations as well! I know from experience that the message sometimes doesn't reach the teachers from higher up, and also that some teachers will push whatever 'limits' they think they can. They need to know what you expect when they see you walk through that door, and I would also suggest checking your bag and LO's diaper everyday before you leave. If something is wrong, tell them right then and there and have them correct it immediately. 
    If you still aren't satisfied with your facility after that, I second transferring elsewhere to an establishment that will meet your standards AND have your LO's best interest in mind.
  • Are all your child's belongings labeled?  Mix ups happen often when things aren't labeled.  
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