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Sleep problem

hello everyone ,

i used to bump a long time ago and now I am back with a question .

My 2 year 10 month old is sleeping horrible. Before 2 years old she was a great sleeper and as soon as she turned 2 she started to sleep bad. Now for the past 2 months since we have taken pacifier away the night sleep has become even worst ,been one big problem! She would wake up couple of times a night and she would want us to sit with her till she would fall asleep. We are so exhausted from not sleeping and every night we dread going to sleep knowing she will be waking up. 

We tried CIO ( don't judge) and slowly exiting the room ( don't remember the name of the method), but. Itching works. 

if you do take her to our bed since we are so tired , she would fall asleep and sleep the whole night . We are thinking if maybe she would sleep better in a bed not a crib , please any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

thank you 

Re: Sleep problem

  • I know this is an older post and I am no sleep expert but it sounds like your daughter needs some sort of comfort object, which her pacifier used to be. A friend of mine took her daighter's pacifier away around the age your daughter is and what they did was put it in a Buold a Bear. Their daughter went with them and put the pacifier in the bear herself. Now her daughter snuggles with the bear for comfort. Apparently it worked really well. Might be worth a shot.

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