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Nanny share cost

Hello ladies, 

Does anyone have any idea how much a nanny share would cost? Also what would be the greatest benefits over childcare?


Re: Nanny share cost

  • The answer depends completely on where you live!
  • This would be a great question for our "Ask a STM" thread!
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  • We had a great nanny share situation for about a year and a half. (My sister recently took over childcare while we wait for #2 to arrive.) We shared one excellent, professional nanny with one other family who had one child. So many great benefits. The two kids were together all day every day and really love each other. 

    From my experience and my friends' experiences, it costs about 1.5 times more than a good daycare. 

    Cost does depend on where you are, how many children, etc. Most states have their own rules for hiring nannies and federal law has requirements for household employees, too. You can start here to see what I mean:

    We paid an hourly wage, plus time and a half for overtime. Plus, as a household employer, we had to match our employee's tax contributions according to the codes. We all found this to be a huge plus, especially the nanny who could then accrue longer-term benefits.

    In my city, there is a separate (higher!) minimum wage for nannies, so the families had to at least match that. But, our caregiver's experience qualified her for much more than minimum wage. That's just something you will have to negotiate!

    I found our setup through a local Facebook group for nannies and families. It was also a good resource for information such as cost, the local going rate and to match up with others. 

    I'm in California, and can try to answer more specifics if you have questions!
  • The more fun stuff - benefits of a nanny share: We had so much more input as to what our sweet girl was doing during the day. It was more of a collaborative effort than a drop-off and let someone else make the choices situation of a daycare.

    I got constant updates, fun pictures and such, and great insight into her development and just peace of mind that she was safe and happy. 

    Sweet girl grew to love her nanny and buddy and had great socialization. They got to do more, like go to the zoo, story time etc. More specialized attention. 
  • This would be a great question for our "Ask a STM" thread!
    THIS! @Salsera29 we try to keep the board pretty organized. I recommend you ask this on the Ask A STM board. You will get better responses.
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