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I am SO Thankful (a game)

that my parents didn't name me............
For fun list names that
1. They THOUGHT about naming you, but didn't 
2. Or a relatives name (crazy name or crazy relative). 
3. The name is fine, but there were several in your class.
Here is an example....If my friend would have been a boy, her parents were going to use the name Hagar (Hay-gar)......yikes.
I am thankful that my parents didn't name me.........We.ndelin if I were a boy. It is an old family name used in ever past generation but mine.  

Re: I am SO Thankful (a game)

  • I am so thankful that I wasn't a boy or my name would have been Brandon Charles. Not that there is anything wrong with that name (it's actually pretty solid), but I grew up across the street from a Brandon Charles and there were always at least 5 Brandons in my grade growing up.
  • I'm thankful my mom didn't name me Brittney. (Or any variation) no offense to other Brittneys. But just in my small 52 people class there were 2. And in the class before mine there were 4, all spelled differently. Britt.any , Brittney, Bryt.nie. And Brit.nee.  
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  • My name was pretty set, but my sister was almost Misti/y .

    My mom, bless her, hademanding a thing for "names of girls most likely to appear in white snake videos "
  • I'm so thankful my parents didn't name me Francesca or Gertrude... both were on their list :/
    Me (31) & DH (32)
    Married 9/27/2014
    DD Born 6/23/16
    Baby #2 Due 3/7/20
  • I am thankful my parents didn't name me Aliesha. My dad fought pretty hard for Michelle, and won
    DD1: 2/28/12
    DD2: 9/12/13
    Baby #3: Due January 2018

  • I'm thankful I wasn't named Amanda (that was high on the list!). Amanda isn't literally the worst name I can think of, but most of the Amandas I know go by Mandy, which IS one of the worst names I can think of.
  • KyleeWallerKyleeWaller member
    edited November 2016
    If I wasn't Kylee, I would have been Sara Bell (as in, Sara Bell as a first name), which I don't mind, but I think I'm much more of a Kylee. 

    If I was a boy, I would have been Christopher or Hunter. Parents didn't come to an agreement before they found out I was a girl. 
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