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Whole Milk - Warm or Cold?

We have been slowly transitioning our son from formula to whole cow's milk.  Since it is still a mixture of both, I have been warming the milk and formula combo before giving it to him.  I'd say in about roughly a week or so, he will be on cow's milk 100%.  Those of you who have already made the full transition, do you serve your LO the milk warmed, or cold straight from the fridge?

He loves cold water, so I'm curious if he'd take to cold milk just as well.

Re: Whole Milk - Warm or Cold?

  • We do cold straight from the fridge, no problems.
  • Cold straight from the fridge :) But he's never had super warm milk, even breastmilk. We never used a bottle warmer and just would run the bottle under hot water for less than a minute to get the chill out. Might as well try it!
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  • I warm her whole milk up just enough to take the chill out. She's not a big fan of whole milk though, lol. 
  • Cold but he usually drinks almond milk.
  • I have to warm her milk up just enough to take the chill out or she won't drink it. Her formula was always given at room temperature.
  • Cold straight from the fridge but I've never warmed his bottles. Even as a newborn he took his formula at room temp because that's what they did at the hospital the first 12 days of his life. I could BF so I continued what they did. Over the summer when it was really hot I mixed his formula with cold water and he liked it. 
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  • Cold during the day. Her sippy for bedtime I warm to hopefully make her more sleepy. She gets 3-4 cups a day. 
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  • We do cold.. and I didn't even think about this because in order for LO to take anything from a sippy cup he will only drink it cold.  I think this is because we started with cold water in a sippy so if we heated up the milk/breastmilk and put it in he wouldn't take it...I think he associated the sippy with cold. So it has been cold ever since :)
  • We do warm because she wouldn't drink it cold. Once we are done with bottles, I'm going to start gradually reducing the temp until it comes out of the fridge. 
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