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Anyone else in their TWW?

Just had my first IUI yesterday. 50mg of Clomid days 5-9 and trigger shot. Had 2 follicles 16 and 17mm on Tuesday, both on left side. Had the IUI on Friday, so hoping they grew during those 3 days. Curious if anyone else is also in their TTW! :smile:

Re: Anyone else in their TWW?

  • Right here! And it's draggingggg. At home IUI on Saturday night. No meds. 

    Our son, who is 12 months now, was conceived the same way on our first try. This time around is taking a little longer, so I'm trying not to get discouraged.

    Head over to the TTC board. There are plenty of women in their TWW and there is a daily post for it. This board is a little quiet. 
    Lexa H.
  • @floyd1rl : Good luck! How far in your TWW are you in? I'm now 5dpiui and like you said it's dragging. Feels like the IUI was ages ago. 

    I'll check the TTC board, thanks! Hope everything works out for you and congratulations on your son! :)
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  • Currently 6 dpiui and my will power is fading  :#
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