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Not Pregnant- but high risk Dr question?

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Hello, I recently had my second loss and my doctor said I will now have to see a high risk doctor for a consultation and trying to get pregnant again. Has anyone been to a high risk doctor for this reason? If so, do they work hand and hand with your doctor? Once you get pregnant, do they provide more detailed care? My tissue is being sent for a loss panel and my results will be back in a few weeks. Thanks in advance for any help. I ask because my dr is so busy and hard to get a hold of by phone unless I have an appt at the office. 

Re: Not Pregnant- but high risk Dr question?

  • I'm so sorry for your losses.

    I'm not sure if all places are the same, but my high risk mfm and my regular ob and midwife worked together. When I was pregnant, I alternated who I visited every 2 weeks the whole pregnancy, it was nice to know I had a whole team keeping an eye on LO to make sure she came home with us.
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  • I'm sorry for your losses. 
    My experience with the MFM during pregnancy was she acted as a consultant to my regular OB, but if the MFM said something, they were the expert and over ruled to OB. OB's usually deal with healthy normal pregnancies - MFM are for those of us with... more difficult journeys to motherhood. 
    I truly believe my MFM saved my son's life. They caught the fact my bile salts were spiking, which indicated choletasis which is a leading cause of still births. We were 38 weeks at the time, and induced at 38 and 6. My regular OB had a policy of never ever inducing before 40 weeks, and the L&D ward was full, so they wanted me to wait. My MFM over ruled my regular OB, and Oliver is here safely, and wonderful. 
    Good luck to you, I hope you get your rainbow baby soon.

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