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Graduating to Big Tub?

Alright ladies. Has anyone moved from the infant tub to the the big tub? I feed DD is getting to big for the infant tub, but the big tub makes me nervous even though she can sit unassisted and everything. Any tips for the transition?

Re: Graduating to Big Tub?

  • Right there with you. Although we will be using our kitchen sink now for awhile until she grows out of that. I highly recommend using a laundry basket in the tub when you do. Keeps them more contained. Worked so well with our 2 year old. 
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    Agreed on the laundry basket idea! we just started using one and it's an awesome middle step when they're too big for the infant tub but small for the regular bath tub.
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  • I bought this inflatable tub from jet and it's worked great! I think any inflatable tub would do. I've been using this for about one month now since my son was slipping and sliding all over the infant tub. I think he's still too little for the big tub. This is a great in between tub! 
  • We have also been using an inflatable tub. We started this a couple months ago as our not-so-little guy was way too big for the infant tub.

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  • I have been using the kitchen sink for a couple months now, but he splashes so much I'm going to have to transition to the big tub soon. Will prob use  the laundry basket idea so I don't have to spend more money. 
  • My guy hated the baby bath tub, we did sponge baths, then the kitchen sink, until about 7 months, then he just moved and splashed too much, was trying to crawl into the other sink, etc. We bought a skip hop whale shaped mat for the big tub, which keeps him from sliding and suctions down really well, but baths are still very fast and short, all he wants to do is pull up on the sides of the tub, and it's hard to keep a slippery baby steady!

    We had a bath seat for my first son, which I loved, but no longer have, they are considered dangerous to use, like walkers, so you can't buy them at retail stores in Canada anymore, I like the laundry basket idea!

  • From day one all my kids were in our master tub but we use the deluxe baby bather. I really like it. My mom use to use the laundry basket with all her grandkids lol. Works great when they can sit up. 
  • With my first two when it was transition time I bought this little seat type thing that suctions to the tub I'll probably go for one of those again but they run about 35$.
  • To be honest...we just switched to a storage tote. The kind with the high sides and a lid (obviously we bathe her without the lid on   :p ). It's great because she can have plenty of water without being able to splash all over. I have a bad back and my tub is an old style claw foot tub with really high sides so I needed something I can do while sitting on the floor or on a chair while bathing. It's not ideal but hey it works and she's happy and safe! Lol. Link included just for an idea of what I'm talking about.
  • I barely used my infant tub. I just get in the bath with her every time. It's become a nice little close bedtime fun thing for us. Sometimes if I started bedtime routine too late I'll even nurse her in the tub to save time. We bathe every night due to bad eczema followed by a skincare routine recommended by her allergist to seal all the moisture from the bath in.
  • We have been using the big bath since about 6 weeks. We had a baby recliner initially but now DD just likes to lie in shallow water and eat her bath toys!  I also have a bath seat for her to use too but she prefers lying down at the moment. The seat is like a bath bumbo, it works really well! 
  • We use one of the inflatable tubs (use the Munchkin duck one) since I don't want DD to fall back. It works great. 
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  • We sit in the floor of our shower in the Master Bedroom.   She gets a shower every morning.   She just sits on the floor with us and plays.   It is way easier and it allows us to steam her for congestion.   
  • We bathe together. I love the laundry basket idea but hate to think about what all that bending over would do to my back. I'm old.  :/

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  • We have always showered or bathed with lil man so it wasn't much of a transition. But a friend of mine puts her kids inside laundry baskets in the tub. She said it great at keeping the toys close and the baby isn't sliding all over the place. 
  • We've always used the big tub and co-bathed. Now sometimes if I don't feel like bathing I'll put a hand towel on the bottom so he has something to sit on that isn't slippery. I also only fill it a few inches so he can roll around a bit. He loves splashing and playing with his little bath toys in there. 
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