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GUYS! What's your favorite bibs?

Hey everyone! Want to try to become more active on this forum...anyways, I did a review on Tommee Tippee's bibs, and thought I'd share. If you guys could let me know what you think, I'd really appreciate it! Also don't forget to let me know what YOUR favorite bib is to use!

Re: GUYS! What's your favorite bibs?

  • I went and bought a two pack of the silicon feeling pocket bibs for lo after i watched ur review lol!i was looking for better bibs ,good job ")
  • I haven't bought any bibs because we got sooo many as gifts. I think we have 10-15 bibs hanging out around here.

    We got some really cool "full body" bibs from IKEA that have full sleeves for when LO gets really messy food, and those are nice because you can just pull them off and voila - baby is clean. They're a pain for when LO is just eating a snack, but worth the extra effort to put on if LO is getting something gooey or saucy.

  • We have the ikea full bibs too...they are awesome! She stays totally clean (even in the midst of baby led weaning mess!) and i can wash them in the sink and they are dry by the next meal time. 
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    I like the Aden & Anais burpy bibs because they go over the arms too sort of like a poncho. They're so expensive though so we only have 2 and then a bunch of regular cheap bibs.

    Edit: I found the line "ideal baby" by Aden & Anais at Walmart for $6.99 so I just ordered a bunch. They look exactly the same as the regular $10+ ones
  • I use Tommee Tippee bibs from BRU.....have used them since day 1
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