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Lower abdominal pain?? Uterus?

So this has happened twice now. But, yesterday was our big ultrasound and right before hand I was sitting in the little waiting area...felt uncomfortable (like I was sitting on my uterus) so I went to stand up and I got these weird shooting pressure pains in my lower abdomen/private area. If I moved, it hurt. If I walked it hurt. Eventually I hobbled back to the ultrasound room and after my US was over, it was better... Anyone else have these weird pains or know what can be causing them?

Re: Lower abdominal pain?? Uterus?

  • Round ligament pain. My midwife was explaining it to me just yesterday. If you're really afraid it could be something else, give your doctor a call. 
  • @momof2buggs ...No I think what I felt was probably normal, just was curious who else was dealing with it or what caused it. Thank you for info!
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  • Was your bladder full? I don't know what position this little baby is in, but I have awful bladder pain when it's full. 
  • Sounds like a combination of round ligament pain and "lightening crotch" (Google it to see if it matches your symptoms). 
    Yes I've had it and it's very common!
    It may even happen again but the good news is although it can be painful it resolves it self rather quickly.
  • I've experienced a couple kinds of round ligament pain... The kind where I get a random tight crampy pain when I laugh suddenly, and the type that's a sudden debilitating cramp that prevents me from being able to stand up straight for a few seconds when I move suddenly. It can be scary and DEFINITELY uncomfortable... But totally normal.
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  • Thank you everyone. @missblair226 I think my symptoms sound a lot like lightening crotch.. (weirdest name ever). @dizzymom my bladder was full though, so maybe a combination of both. It was a little scary cause the pain was so intense at first. @minger86 I got the cramp when I tried to stand up to reposition myself.. it brought me right back down. But you're right the pain lasted maybe 15-20 mins and was gone.
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