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Hey mama's, 
I wanted to thank the mom that reached out to me over insta and all the moms that added me. I'm sorry I haven't updated you guys ok Cindy sooner and I wanted to thank you for thinking of me. 
Cindy is doing wonderful. She's delayed as we expected but that hasn't stopped her. She's still in therapy getting it everyday of the week but Fridays. She's just starting to sit on her own and she's gaining loads more control of her right side. She can roll and she's starting to get into a crawling position. She love music and we almost always have some nursery rhyme playing. She's an aqua baby she loves the pool so much they added once a week aqua therapy to her schedule and I love watching her laugh and play. She's a happy baby again, her first birthday party is Saturday and I can't wait it's dr suess themed. 
I'm doing okay I started school again so I can better mine and Cindy's life. I've even started casually dating someone. Her father is still awaiting trial. He called me a few month back wanted to apologize. He told me he wanted to avoid a trial and just take a plea but so far that hasn't happened. Just a waiting game now. 
Im sorry I disappeared for awhile it was hard being around other moms, it was hard accepting my daughters delays and watching others celebrate things my daughter couldn't do and when I finally came to terms with it i felt guilty I avoided downloading the app again. But I've been playing catch up as much as I can since the kind mama reached out to me and I'm so happy to see all of these great posts and pictures! I wanna be much more active again. Thank you all for your support during the worst possible time in my life and thank you for your support now! ♡


  • So happy to see this update! Cindy looks beautiful and it is great to hear how well she has progressed! Im glad your back in school and continuing your life, that's also important for her. Happy Birthday baby girl!! 
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  • Happy birthday miracle baby! 
  • Happy birthday to your sweet little girl :) I'm thrilled to hear that she is doing so well and that you are as well!
  • Thanks for the update!!! I actually thought about you on my sons bday and hoped you both were doing well. You are an amazing woman and mother. And good for you for dating again! You have to take care of yourself too  <3
  • Crying tears of joy at my desk. Thank you for the update. Happy birthday, sweet girl. Glad to hear mama is doing well too!
  • I'm totally crying. I'm inspired by your strength and unwavering love for your daughter. I have never been someone who is strong when faced with adversity. I mean every word when I say you are truly an inspiration to me. 

    Cindy is just beautiful and is so fortunate to have you as her mother.
  • Such a beautiful little girl!!!! Keeping pushing mama and remember that we are never given more than we can handle. This little angel needed a strong mama so she was sent special delivery straight to you! Never lose sight of that!
  • Your daughter is so beautiful and is blessed to have such a wonderful mom! Stay strong and know we're all here to support you and admire your bravery and strength. Wishing you and Cindy all the best! Hugs!
  • This update brought me to tears. You and your sweet baby girls strength is so inspiring!! Prayers for many more 'firsts' in her near future! 
  • Happy Birthday beautiful girl!!!! Thanks for the update. You're an incredible mom!! She's a lucky girl to have you and your strength! Hope she has a great birthday! 
  • Welcome back and all the best to you and Cindy! My heart leapt when I saw your post, I'm so happy you are both doing well!
  • So happy to see you back and see that Cindy is doing so well! We are all rooting for her! Happy births
    day to your sweet girl!
  • She is so beautiful and seems so happy. All the best to you both. 
  • So happy to read this post!!! It brought tears to my eyes. You both are so strong and amazing. Happy birthday baby Cindy :smiley: we are happy to have you back on the forum!!! 
  • So glad to hear you both are doing well!!!
  • More tears over here. Thank you for the update and for being such a strong and resilient role model for Cindy. She looks wonderful. Happy birthday girly! 
  • I'm so glad to hear that you and Cindy are doing well. I've been praying for you both. 

    Welcome back!
  • Happy birthday, Cindy!! Like everyone else, I've been thinking about you guys and I'm so happy you guys are doing great. You are so strong and such a great role model to your little girl!! Enjoy this time and welcome back!
  • So happy to see this update and that you both are doing well hope little cindy had great birthday party, she is gorgeous her hair  <3
  • She's so beautiful! Happy birthday Cindy! So happy you're both doing well!
  • So happy to read this! Glad you are both doing so well. 
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  • Happy birthday to your beautiful and strong little girl!! She takes after her amazing mama for sure!! ❤️❤️❤️
  • So happy to hear from you! Happy birthday Cindy! ❤️
  • I haven't logged in in 3 months and the first thing I thought of today was "I wonder how aleecats and baby Cindy are doing".  Your update warmed my heart.  I am beyond proud of you and her!
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