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How much formula does 2 month old drink in a day ?

my lo still drinks only 1-2 oz at a time, and wants to be fed every 1-2 hrs. I am frustrated as sometimes I feed him 20 times a day! Even then total for the day is no more than 20-22 ounces. 
I tried feeding him more at a time but he spits up. I am frustrated as I cannot find time to pump & he's getting mostly formula because of that, he does not latch on either.
How often does your 2 mth old feed, and how much at a time? 

Re: How much formula does 2 month old drink in a day ?

  • When DD was two months, she was eating about the same that you posted, every 2-3 hours. You can't force him to eat more because his stomach can only hold so much, so it's silly to get frustrated over that. 
    There is nothing wrong with getting mainly formula. I hate how negatively it's talked about. FED is best. I'm sorry you can't pump like you'd like to.

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    If he is spitting up more than what is normal you may want to check if he has reflux or milk protein issues. When LO was that age he would spit up a lot. Pedi had us thicken the formula with oatmeal cereal but that didn't help much. At 4 months we ended up switching him to nutramigen and that helped a lot. At2 months he was doing 3-4 ounces a pop every 3-4 hours. If he is eating every hour it sounds like he isn't getting enough at each feeding. I'd up it an ounce and see if he goes longer. 

    ETA At 2 months he was getting about 28-32 ounces a day. I am not a doctor or nurse or an expert but it sounds like your little one isn't getting enough. 
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