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Aching/stiff joints

Are any mums getting stiff/sore joints if they have been sitting or lying for a length of time? My ankles and wrists ache a lot, when I get up, I have to hobble til they soften! I know our joints get looser when pregnant, but have heard that breastfeeding can keep the hormone that does that going! I asked my doctor today and she didn't seem to know any reason why I would be stiff! Maybe it's just from being on the floor a lot with LO! 

Re: Aching/stiff joints

  • I have definitely been noticing sore wrists lately, but I have a history of tendonitis so it's not surprising with all the lifting and carrying. My feet and ankles are sometimes sore when I first start walking, but I just figured that's because I'm overweight. Still a lot more comfortable than I was when I was pregnant lol!

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  • My joints don't hurt, but my back sure does when I'm in a sitting position (esp in the vehicle) for any length of time it takes me a minute to loosen up. I spend 90% of my day on the floor or bent over at least. It will either keep me young or make me old fast. 32yo now so I guess I'll see :)
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