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Choosing Pillow

Actually I want to buy an extra memory foam pillow that can support my back. Because I am pregnant and for some days I feel pain in my back when I wake up in the morning. And it may be causing because of the too much pressure on my back. So, I want to buy a pillow but don't know which will be the best. Anyone can give me any suggestion?

Re: Choosing Pillow

  • Are you asking about a pregnancy pillow, or just... any memory foam pillow? I don't know of any pregnancy pillows that are memory foam.
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  • You should move to side sleeping positions as your pregnancy progresses; try pillows that can better support you when you sleep on your side.
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  • I love memory foam pillows and know that they are very helpful for different types of health issues.That's why,I just wanted to know that is there any memory foam pillows that can support me in this situation?
  • you need to be specific, - head pillow? body pillow? also back sleeping isn't an ideal sleeping position when pregnant so that really isn't a good option to begin with 
  • also google is your best bet 
  • last found the memory foam pillow.
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