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Weaning from Pumping

I've been exclusively pumping since LO was 3 months old. She turned a year two weeks ago and I'm ready to stop pumping! I'm still making 15 oz a day, pumping morning and night. Any tips for how to wean from the pump? Im trying to decrease pumping time and then drop nighttime pump first. I'm really worried about clogged ducts and mastitis. Any advice appreciated! Thanks! 

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  • I EPd since the beginning as well. I filly weaned like a month ago. I just stopped emptying my breasts when I pumped. I dropped one ounce a session. Then dropped a session at work. When I finally got down to 6 oz a day (2oz at 3 pumps) I quit cold turkey. I had some serious discomfort for about a week but then my body figured it out finally. Freedom from the pump is AMAZING!!!!!!! Good luck mama!
  • I exclusively pump as well! I found this resource on Kelly Mom that has some really great tips! http://kellymom.com/bf/pumpingmoms/pumping/weaning-from-pump/ 

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  • Thank you ladies!! Congrats!! I can't wait for that freedom! 

    I'm reducing my night time pump slowly and will drop that one then the morning one. Im just so afraid of clogged ducts. I had mastitis once and it was awful! I'll just continue to do it slowly. 

    When end you went cold turkey, did you use ice or cabbage leaves? Anything to relieve discomfort? 
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    Oh yeah. And two sports bras to bed. It was super uncomfortable and it got worse before it got better. And I smelled like cooked cabbage. I still have guilt over stopping but the freedom is awesome. Fuck EPing! Hope the next one latches! Lol
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