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At home pregnancy test

What is everyone's favorite at home pregnancy test?

I just used the ept digital and apparently can't pee on a stick correctly.  Lol

Re: At home pregnancy test

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    What is everyone's favorite at home pregnancy test?

    I just used the ept digital and apparently can't pee on a stick correctly.  Lol

    I'd say clear blue - the digital one. If you're having problems holding it while you pee, try the cup method although I don't know how one can not pee on a stick correctly - but that's just me.
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  • @FunnyGal18: Well, I haven't used too many to have a real favorite. But I just purchased a pack of 100 OPKs and 20 pregnancy tests that are the Wondfo brand. I bought them off Amazon and paid $30 for them. 

    My plan is to use them until I get a BFP. For as often as most people have to test, it doesn't make sense to me to spend $5-7 for one test. Even the dollar store brand is just as accurate (though not as sensitive early on).
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  • The U-Check brand ones from the 99 Cent store are the best, in my humble opinion.
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  • Wondfos or any dollar-store brand works, to be honest. I personally like Wondfos just because I can order a hoard of them off Amazon for a cheap price and not leave my couch and get weird looks for buying a lot of HPTs at the store.
    Clear Blue and First Response and other "big" name brand tests are expensive. And if you're testing even three or four times a cycle, you're paying as much for those 3 tests in one cycle, as you'd pay for 50 or more Wondfos.
    Considering it can take a healthy couple up to a year of good timing to conceive/get a BFP -- save yourself the money and go for Wondfos.
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  • I've only ever used one. It was an off brand from a grocery store... And I refused to buy one... So when while I was at work, I called my husband and asked him to buy it. I was only 5 days late... Which was actually really normal for me, I just felt different and my Fitbit resting heart rate went from 54 to 72... Anyway, off brand told me in less than a second. Will definitely buy a dollar store one next time.
  • Dollar store tests and a digital one to confirm when I got a BFP. 
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  • ClearBlue digital since it says "pregnant" or "not pregnant" no guessing if there is a faint line or not.
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