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Has anyone else's 12 month old have molars yet? My DS has one molar on top & one on bottom on one side already. From what I've read he shouldn't have any yet.


  • DS does not have any molars but my friend's son who just turned one has his first molar. He started getting teeth early at 3 months.
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  • L just had a top molar on each side break through. They put us up to 8 teeth. His pedi hasn't said a word, except to ask if he had enough to be able to eat xyz.

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  • My son has 3 molars in and the 4th coming through now. His teeth seemed to have come in early, he is up to almost 12 teeth now
  • Lo just cut a molar on the top this week and i can barely see one on the bottom thats poking through. Its hard to see the back teeth coming in but that makes 10 teeth now.
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  • All 4 molars here.  They have been in for some time now. He has 12 teeth total.  I've been looking for incisors as he has been drooling more and little fussier 
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