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Should I get a Doula?

So I posted about this in the 2nd trimester thing, cause I just figured since that was where I was at maybe I should post there (17 weeks today!) but then realized maybe I should post it somewhere else, and I saw another one on here from a while back asking if she should get a doula for a natural birth, so thought maybe this would be the best area for it.

Now- I honesty plan on getting an epidural. I think it's awesome when people can do it naturally, but I know myself too well to go into it thinking I can do it without pain medication. I do plan on waiting for 3-4 CM along until I get the epidural though, as I've heard that if you get it beforehand there is higher risk of needing a C-Section. 

I know people say Doula's help out wonderfully with natural births without pain medication, or if they don't have a good support system. My sister is actually a doula (though she will have a 5-6 month old by the time I'm having mine, so she'll be a bit preoccupied :) ) and I found one that is $400 and lives in the town we plan on having our baby. My husband said no at first- because of money reasons, but I think we can swing it if I break it down for him. (My parents said they would go in on it for my Christmas present, we get some money from his grandma, etc) BUT I didnt know if it would be wise right now anyways

I do plan on having an epidural, so I would only need the distractions and pain exercises when it starts and not when it gets more. And I have an awesome support system. My husband will be able to get out of work and be there the whole time for me, so he will be there. My parents live 15 minutes away and plan on being there as well, and they are great, not pushy and will respect any decision that I make and stay out of the way of the doctors. His parents live 25 minutes away and will probably come up to be close by as well, and my sister and his one sister might be coming up. So I know I have a lot of support, and since I don't plan on going pain medication free, is it still worth it to go for a doula? Or would it be wiser to save our money for other baby stuff we don't get at the shower? I think I'm leaning more towards no right now, but wanted to do more research into it before I decided.

Thanks bunches! :)

Re: Should I get a Doula?

  • I had a natural unmedicated birth with my baby and even though things went super fast, I was glad to have my doula around. She was a calming presence and really advocated for my needs - the room was kept dark, quiet, perineum massage and warm compresses during crowning, etc. In addition to the delivery, my doula did two post-partum visits to give advise on healing (she helped set up a sitz bath for me that felt amazing) and also on breast-feeding and latching (she was also a lactation consultant). You have to see what all is included in your doula's package.  But if I may suggest - I would not get a doula in your situation especially if money is a bit tight - I would save the money and maybe hire a lactation consultant (if breastfeeding is the plan that is).
  • Thank you! I think what I'm going to do, since my sister is a doula, is see if she can teach my hubby some of the techniques and maybe my mom as well, and can just save the money for now. I believe the hospital has a lactation consultant there, I'm not sure, we are planning on doing a tour in November. Plan is, if all goes well, to breastfeed. I would ultimately like to do both breastfeeding and pumping the breast milk. I plan on going back to work after a few months after the baby, and would like to be able to leave a way for the babysitter/family to feed the baby! :) Of course I'm a bit worried since even before pregnancy the girls have always been very sensitive and almost painful to touch, way way worse now that I"m pregnant. but I plan on at least trying and seeing how it goes.  Thanks for the advice!
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  • I am a doula and I help lots of mamas who plan to get an epidural. Doulas aren't just there for pain coping techniques, but also as your advocate. We help you understand what interventions are being suggested and help you to feel empowered to make the best educated decisions for your birth. Having a doula present reduces your chances of having a section, because you may feel empowered to say no to interventions that you may not have known were risky. Also a doula can be there to help you with positioning with your epidural to help your baby come down faster. Don't hire a doula based just on her price, make sure she is experienced enough to help you have the birth you really want :)
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  • This is an older thread BUT we are planning on hiring a doula for our natural hypnobirth.  Being that this is our first child my OH wanted to have someone there who could support both of us if things take unexpected turns. How did things turn out for you?
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