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What my pregnant self is eating (9/15)

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What's on the menu ladies?

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Re: What my pregnant self is eating (9/15)

  • My normal lunch of yogurt/granola or hummus/crackers did NOT sound appetizing, or fulfilling.
    So I went out to Einstein's, got two bagels with shmear, and a fruit smoothie because #healthy
    Me: 33 / DH: 35
    Married: Nov 2006
    DD: Sept 2010
    DS: June 2013
    BFP #3 - EDD 5.13.16
  • We just got groceries, so I was able to get what I wanted for today. 
    I had watermelon for breakfast, which is my top craving so far. I wish we had bought more.
    For lunch I have a salad with grape tomatoes; I have been craving grape tomatoes. I'm loving that this pregnancy is making me eat healthily! I just hope it holds up the whole 9 mo.

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  • pancakes (because that is dd's favorite), cake (who doesn't want cake for an after breakfast snack??) and a twice baked potato... Yikes I may need to do better than this lol
  • @kat81  I wish I craved healthy things!!
    Me: 33 / DH: 35
    Married: Nov 2006
    DD: Sept 2010
    DS: June 2013
    BFP #3 - EDD 5.13.16
  • This morning was the first time ms hit hard. I had to go grocery shopping 1st thing because our freezer was left open overnight ( :'( ). I could hardly get through the store. Finally I thought I could eat a few bites of peach pie, which I did. I feel better now as long as I don't think about food.
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  • No cravings but my mom took me out to dinner last night. Filet mignon all day every day. Part of me is thrilled to avoid a summer pregnancy, but at the same time I'm super sad that a lot of fresh fruits won't be in season. I lived on watermelon the entire summer of 2014. Maybe it'll be cuties this go around!

  • I feel gross so I went for pure comfort food - a grilled cheese.

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  • I had some chia seeds soaked in almond milk and frosted mini wheats for breakfast 

    lunch was a salad with hard boiled eggs , walnuts , avacado and feta 

    no cravings yet. Hope it'll be for something good !
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  • Nothing sounds good! Hungry, but can't imagine eating anything right now. With DS, I made it through first tri by munching on almonds all day. Can't even get myself to do that this time
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  • So far lots of Greek yogurt, whole grains, avocados, salads, hummus, and a ton of water!

    The only thing I'm craving is Pinot Grigio, but I'm gonna have to wait until early summer to fulfill that need  ;)

  • All I've been wanting are bland foods. Nothing sound appetizing. However, this morning I didn't have time to eat breakfast before I had to drop off DS at school and was headed to a 2 hr appointment so stopped in for a McD's breakfast. It was good but way too greasy and then I felt like crap afterwards. 
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  • Right now, the only thing that sounds good is an Arby's roast beef sandwich. When I was pregnant with DD and so sick in first tri, anytime something sounded good, it was either Arby's or Taco Bell. For some reason pregnant me likes fast food, which non-pregnant me is not usually a fan of.
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  • Krizzista said:
    Nothing sounds good! Hungry, but can't imagine eating anything right now. With DS, I made it through first tri by munching on almonds all day. Can't even get myself to do that this time
    That's me this time around. Last time, I had a few things that got me through the first 12 weeks, like peanut butter on toast and apples. This time, peanut butter sounds awful and apples aren't much more appealing. It's the worst feeling being so hungry but nothing is working for you.
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  • No cravings or aversions yet. I'm kind of excited for that part because I usually don't realize I have a craving for a while haha! (I don't crave it per se, I just eat a lot of a certain food or two while pregnant). BUT, I ate tater tots for lunch :p
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  • Let's see...
    Breakfast: Three bites of a cold eggo waffle my toddler left on the table. With a lovely side on yogurt. 
    Lunch: So far, the crust off my toddlers peanut butter and jelly. 
    Dinner: I made some potato soup in the crockpot.

    So yeah, go me. 

  • Chick-fil-a chicken biscuit with pickles for breakfast -- big salad with tomatos, cucumbers, carrotts and BACON for lunch -- pack of peanut butter crackers for snack -- hitting the local diner for a steak and cheese sub after my  9yr olds 2 hour football practice for dinner.
  • Candy, candy and more candy. I've had 2 days of training at work that involved sitting in a conference room and interpreting policy. I needed the sugar just to stay awake.

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  • slam1110 said:
    @kat81&nbsp; I wish I craved healthy things!!
    I bragged about this, but when I went to make my salad I didn't do it. I put the greens back in my work fridge (will I want it tomorrow?!), and I ate some of the grape tomatoes. But they didn't taste good. :( I don't know if they were actually not good or if I lost the craving. Then after dinner tonight I had chocolate pudding. Maybe this brief healthy craving phase is already over. :(

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  • march2008march2008 member
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    For the past few days, I've had nausea all day and no appetite. The only things that sit well are pineapple, clementines, and strawberries.

    Also, the thought of cooking meat makes me gag. The curse of the super nose is back. This is the same experience as I had while pregnant with DD.
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  • I had chick fil a for breakfast, a salmon burger for lunch, and now I'm going to have pho for dinner. Today's the first day I had to force myself to eat. It wasn't like a nausea thing - more just like nothing really sounded good, so I'm trying to eat super tasty things to jump start my appetite :)

  • I have no morning sickness, but most days nothing sounds good. The other day I really craved minestrone soup so I had that. Other than that, I eat a lot of pasta, but that's normal for me lol.


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  • Just like my first tri last year when the intermittent quasiness starts, my body only wants anything potato. So after getting in the healthy must-haves for meals, I'm currently snacking on chips.  :/ Salt-n-vinegar lays to be more specific, lol. 

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  • @LinaBina i hear you re: Pinot. I'm dodging all company outings now *sigh*

    And i miss coffee. I had an espresso doppio yesterday so now i probably shouldn't do it again for a couple of days. Switched to decaf. People at work look at me funny. I'm like "Detoxing! Trying to stay healthy, ya know!"

    Couldn't even finish my lunch breakfast burrito today because the nausea finally kicked in.
  • Nothing sounded good all day, I snacked on pretzel thins. Then at 5pm (after snuggling my little guy who I picked up sick from school instead of doing some much needed grocery shopping) I was ravenous. My hubby brought home BK for dinner and I ate an ungodly amount of junk and felt pretty crappy and full like I would never want to eat again, but here it is 8pm and I'm hungry again. WTH?!
    I've been doing really well eating heathy but today I made major "food mistakes" as we call them at our house :smile:
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  • I'm so jealous. I have the hardest time staying healthy when I feel crappy! #mealgoals
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  • @TresGatos totally the same over here. Saltines are keeping me alive I think. Here's to hoping this passes soon!
  • @march2008 me tooooo about cooking. Can.not.handle.it. want to puke even thinking about it. Nothing sounds good to me either soooo annoying! 
  • I try to have a smoothie for breakfast packed with healthy stuff like spinach, fruit, oats, and flax seed... but it's only because that's probably the only good food decision I'll make all day! 
  • Nothing sounds good to me, I'm not hungry at all most of the time and have to force me self to eat. 
  • Peanut butter on crumpets! Only thing I have an appetite for and can stomach. 
  • Craving the veggies! BF made me a picnic lunch yesterday and brought it to me at work. Lots of bell peppers, raw onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, and rotisserie chicken in balsamic vinegrette shoved into pita pockets. Thankfully one of us knows all about nutrition and vitamin supplements! He's going to come in handy through this new adventure! So far my one horrible aversion is popcorn! I cannot stand the smell of it lately. 
  • @hezzer78 pho shizzle!  Beats my left over chix parm.  I've had it 3 times this week :neutral:
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  • Breakfast was eggs & toast (and some coffee), for lunch we went out and I got a rice/veggie bowl, which was ok. It had a sauce with mango & jalapeno- something I would usually find delicious, but the mango was just too sweet & overpowering. I just ate a spoonful of peanut butter to hold me over for a while. Dinner?... ugh. Haven't made it yet. SO started a new job and doesn't get home until 9pm. When my school starts again we will probably do seperate dinners, but for now I've been waiting for him to get home to make anything. I'll probably make a box of mac&cheese and throw frozen peas in it. The only craving I've noticed is chocolate milk. I stopped drinking milk about 3 years ago, so it was odd that I suddenly wanted some. Until I got my BFP when my period was a week late. Weirdly enough, aside from the chocolate milk craving, my usual sweet tooth has disappeared. The other day we went to a highly praised, local bakery for the first time. I got a slice of german chocolate cake and I just didn't care about eating it. I took it home and nibbled for a couple more days, but then I threw away a good amount of it (SO doesn't like sweets and wouldn't touch it). Not-pregnant me would never waste good cake!

  • Ugh, this is truly the worst part you guys! I'm trying to force things down because I know an empty stomach makes the nausea much worse but it's all day for me. I usually try to stay away from bread  normally but that's all I can stomach right now and sweet stuff sounds horrible right now. I'm living off bone broth, popsicles and crackers.

    Can't handle cooking anything either and it's torture because I love to cook. 

    Gonna go try to stuff some cheese crackers in me before bed so my stomach stops howling...

    Come on second trimester!
  • Oh yeah, not sure if anyone else has experienced this but I find that carbonated water, specially the la Croix ones make me burp and that relieves the nausea a little! I normally don't like carbonation but plain water seems gross to me right now. 
  • @march2008 I am with you on the meat aversion. Can't stand the sight or smell. Instant gag. Didn't have that with my first. 
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  • I haven't had any nausea or cravings yet, but I'm just over 4 weeks. I found out I was pregnant last weekend, right before leaving for Italy. So right now, I'm eating pasta every night and loving it! Smell has been overwhelming for about a week now, though. 
  • Guys, this thread is making me hungry (except the super healthy posts, obviously). 

    The only thing that sounds good to me these days is Mexican food. Yesterday, I had a burrito bowl from Chipotle (I know, not real Mexican food, but I work in the burbs..soo...) for lunch- I tried to make myself feel better for spending $10 on lunch by convincing myself I'd eat half and save the rest for dinner. Ha. 

    Burrito bowl lunch, quesadilla dinner. Both covered in guacamole, because I'm not a terrible person. 
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