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8w3d twin question!

Hey there ladies!

We went for our 6w0d ultrasound and only saw one baby, measuring exactly correct. My hormone levels had been through the roof (almost quadrupling instead of doubling) so my doctor had joked "wouldn't be surprised if we saw twins!" We laughed it off but asked at the 6w ultrasound if she saw only one and she said "I only see one." Heartbeat measuring 102bpm. We went back in this morning for a follow up Uktrasound at 8w3d to check continued growth and they found that the baby was growing perfectly and heartbeat was 178.. Even got to hear it ❤️ Near the end, the tech started looking around at the screen and got quiet, then typed a "2" ... And I knew what that meant... I've done my research lol
Found identical twin B yolk sak and fetal pole, no heartbeat, though. 
At first we were just kind of shocked like Oh!! But over the day it kind of sank in and it's kinda sad now that I've been thinking about it. We go back two weeks from today just to check on continued growth of baby A and to "check out baby B" whatever that means.... Any experience with this? It's unlikely that the second baby will continue to progress after measuring two weeks behind, right? What are they going to be checking for at the next US?  Also, maybe a dumb question.. But once a twin stops growing/progressing, what happens to it? Does the body absorb it? Didn't think to ask at the appointment.

Thanks ❤️

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