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Cows Milk - How Much and When do you feed?

Our 12 month old just transitioned to cows milk and our pediatrician told us not to give her as many bottles as we were when she was on B-milk. She said at most, 3. Now we have to decide which bottle we drop. Would you ladies share some of your schedules? 
She loves water so bonus. 

Re: Cows Milk - How Much and When do you feed?

  • I try to limit my daughter to 20 ounces or so of WCM a day because but she loves her milk. She is almost 13 months old and I haven't totally switched her to sippy cups yet because she loves bottles and I'm just simply not in a rush.

    We give her a bottle of milk when she wakes up in the morning, then a bottle of milk before each of her 2 naps and then one before bed. I give her water in a straw during meals and have it out all day for her to drink when she wants.

    She's my second kid so I'm much more lax with the advice our Pedi gives. I pick and choose what I want to do :)

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  • Our pediatrician recommended 16 min Oz per day and 24 max. My daughter is 14 months. First thing in the morning after we get up she has her sippy cup which is 9 oz. I give her another sippy cup full after her afternoon nap with a snack. She gets a few ounces in her cereal as well.
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  • DD's ped recommends no more than 20oz per day. She is 13 mo. We give her a bedtime bottle (8oz of cow's milk, more if she wants), but only straw/sippy cups during the day. She hardly drinks milk if it's not in a bottle, but the ped is not worried because we substitute with other dairy (yogurt/cheese, which DD likes). DD also likes cereal with milk.
  • My 15 month old gets a 4 oz sippy cup in the morning and a 6 oz bottle before her afternoon nap and another 6 oz bottle before bed.
  • Our pediatrician recommended cows milk at meals since we are still breastfeeding and he gets breastmilk all other times. We haven't done it yet but this is our plan for now.
  • Little guy is on solid full time now (18 months) and he only gets. milk at meal times, he drinks water throughout the day
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