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Well it's official... my almost 7 month old is crawling. He's been Army crawling for a couple of months now and was getting around pretty good but this past week he is officially tummy off the floor crawling and very fast. He's also been pulling himself up on the couch and various objects around the house and standing and taking steps while holding on. This is all going entirely too fast :-)

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  • Ella has been doing the same for almost a month now, she will be 7 months tomorrow. I blame daycare, lol, she sees the older babies doing stuff and she copies. Too fast is an understatement.
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  • Wow! Yay for your babies! My little Carmine doesn't even like tummy time. Lol so I think he won't be crawling anytime soon. Did your little ones like being on their tummy etc? 
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  • So exciting. Our little Feb 2016 early crawlers!

    @Latina211508: Mine also hates tummy time and hasn't even rolled on his own more than a handful of times. :-0
  • Wow! That's awesome! My LO hates tummy time too @Latina211508 so no interest in crawling hehe! 
  • My LO didn't mind it too much, he actually liked it but only a few seconds at a time. He has been rolling back and fourth since 4.5-5 months. He loves tummy time now and loves crawling especially when he comes to find me hiding somewhere or in a different room, he gets tickled and laughs:) 
  • It is so exciting and so terrifying at the same time. My LO has been crawling for a month already (he is 6.5 months).  Then he started climbing the bars in his crib, even with the mattress at the lowest setting, he can pull himself to standing at the top bar. So we had to move him to the pack n play, because he doesn't understand that he has to sit back down and would just fall over like a tree and slam his head against the crib.  Now I can't be more than a foot away from him, because he tries to climb up everything (and then lets go).  It is cool to see him move, but now the possibly of serious injury is there and it is terrifying 

  • @Latina211508 Ella fell in love with tummy time around 4 months old. From that time on she never wanted to be on her back but I never guessed it would mean she would be crawling at 5.5 months...if I had I may have  encouraged her to stay on her back so I could enjoy her being little a little longer. 
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  • My daughter turned six months on the 27th and just started crawling maybe 3 days ago. Seems too soon! She can army crawl very fast & is already going fast while real crawling! She always loved tummy time! I do miss the days when they just laid there, lol. They sure are getting so fun nowthough!!
  • My 6 month old isn't crawling yet, but has started to pull her knees up and rock a little. She army crawls, scoots, and rolls all over the place, though. ive never been a good housekeeper, but my Dyson and I have become BFFs lately trying to keep all the crumbs, dropped cheeries, tracked in dirt, etc. out of her mouth. Her favorite thing is to go to the sliding door and pick the carpet apart (since it's not secured as tight). Ornery thing. 



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  • Army crawling at 6 months and crawling completely by 7 months! Too fast! 
  • Oh my goodness, my LO is getting more daring... he's trying to take steps once he's pulled up on furniture by himself. He's already had a busted lip at the sitter and several bumps on his head nothing major though. Im not ready for bumps and bruises yet, not that I ever will be though. His new fav is the fireplace hearth and the toilet ;)
  • @jarob747 LO was trying to pull himself up in his crib tonight and bonked his head. Didn't seem to phase him but I wasn't ready to hear his little noggin hit wood that hard yet!!! 
  • Roo is just starting to get the hang of hands and knees, tummy off the ground crawling. But his new thing is to grab my shirt and try to pull himself to standing when he's sitting on my lap. He's been a little slow with some of his milestones, but he's been standing (with help) for a while now. I just have this feeling he's going to be an early walker, and I am not ready!

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  • Oh man, @rainbowminion thats super exciting! I walked between 8/9 months so watch out!!

    Ellie is still mostly scooting backwards, yelling, then flopping over and rolling to what she wants. I know everyone says that crawling will make my life miserable but the yelling is driving me slowly insane. She is also trying to pull up on things--mostly that don't make sense like a small wooden block or the flat front of the dishwasher. Babies, man...
  • @mwmiller4 that's so cute :) yes... babies lol
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