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May 2017 Moms




  • One of my favorite books: Pride & Prejudice

    One of my favorite movies: The Godfather

    One of my favorite series: Homeland 

    Favorite thing about Fall: color change in leaves 

    ... But man there are soooooo many

    DS1 7/24/15

    DS2 5/7/17

  • sarah0985 said:
    @mia1116 yup. Called tvtracker. I don't have tv and download. I got sick of always ch cling different sites to see if new episodes came out. This one notifies you when new episodes are released of the shows you watch. You check them off when you watch it. Simple. 

    ETA. Tvshowtracker
    Genius @sarah0985

    DS1 7/24/15

    DS2 5/7/17

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